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Improving Your Photography Quickly Breaks Down to Deliberate Time Management

It's no secret that we all have to start somewhere. Usually, that place is not very good. At the very least we all start out in the “room for improvement” category. Assuming that progressing with our work and improving our images, style, brand, knowledge, and skill set is the goal, how to we go about getting better at a quicker-than-a-snail pace? The answer is straight forward, but requires deliberate action. Intelligent investment of time and money is the fastest way to get improve quickly.

Dealing With Doubt and Deeper Questions When Pursuing Photography

At one point or another, we all end up questioning our decisions to pursue a creative career over more “traditional” options. If you've never questioned yourself along the way, then congratulations, you're an outlier. It's far too common that we find ourselves creating stress when dealing with self-doubt. Whether you're just beginning to think about a creative career, you're just starting out, or you've been at this for decades, this video might be able to offer some perspective on addressing some of the tough questions that we ask ourselves.

Selling Photo Products You're Passionate About

Would you agree that no one likes the idea of the slimy used car salesman? Have you ever stopped to think about and analyze why no one likes that person? It's because that person has no vested interest in the product they're are selling or the people they are selling to. He or she has no interest in the customer or in the car. As a photographer, how do make money selling a service and product to your customers while never treating them like the car salesman would? The answer is pretty simple: take time to find the products that you're actually passionate about and then share that passion with your clients.

Color Grading With Aqua And Brown Made Easy In Photoshop

When it comes to things like quickly learning new Photoshop techniques, I am a straight to the point type of guy. I don't necessarily want to (though I certainly do on occasion, depending on the topic) watch an hour long videos explaining the minutiae of every click of the mouse. While I appreciate production values and the personality that can be on display in a video, sometimes all you need to know can be learned from text overlay and elevator music. That's what we have on deck today, enjoy.

Adventures and Photography in the German Countryside

If you have just under an hour to kill then Benjamin Jaworskyj has your back with an epic travel and landscape photography video that's worth the watch. Take a visual tour to the beaches, mountains, and castles that lie tucked away in the German countryside with some landscape photography tips to boot. Feeling more like an adventure vlog than just another YouTube video, from the production values to the accompanying music, this video makes for a relaxing watch.

New Years for Artists: A Time to Reflect

By the time you're reading this, it may already be or soon will be 2018. So first of all, I hope that you have or had a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I hope that creatively, its been a great year for everyone out there and I hope that 2018 has only the best in store for us. This is a fun time of year that offers us a chance to relax a bit and reflect on the year that has past. We create, we grow, we change, and we get better. This is the time to look back over our work and simply enjoy what we've done in the year 2017.

The Number One Camera Bag Staple

We all have a different bag setup. Some prefer to travel light and mobile while others go for a more heavy duty option. Some people want a stylish option that shows off some personal flair while others just want something practical. We each like a different layout and store our gear and accessories in a different way or in a different pocket. In spite of our different preferences when it comes to our camera bags, there is one universal truth. One item that, regardless of your specialty, you positively need to have somewhere in your bag. You must keep a few up to date business cards in your bag at all times.

The Best Tripod That I've Ever Owned

We all make mistakes when it comes to purchases we make when we're first starting out. As we continue to grow and evolve we continue to make mistakes. Hopefully, our mistakes aren't too financially costly like a camera body or lens that we don't need and never use. When I first bought my camera a couple years ago, I picked up an ultra cheap twenty dollar tripod because the store has one and I thought I would definitely need it. That was a mistake and that tripod was pretty much a piece of junk. I have since rectified that mistake and have found my personal favorite and best tripod I've ever owned.

At Least 'Justice League' Had the Visuals Right

This is not a movie review. While I'm definitely ready to offer some opinions on the film, I'm not here to review the movie. You can find plenty of reviews already out there and there certainly won't be any spoilers found here. Rather, this is an appreciation article for one aspect of the "Justice League" movie (and other DC superhero/Zack Snyder films) that is done very well. Visually, "Justice League" looks pretty damn cool. It looks and feels dark and moody, like the pages of a comic have been brought to life. For everything that they don't get right, the visual mood of the DC superhero movies are stellar.

Lytro's Living Pictures: A Thing of the Past

If you don't remember Lytro cameras and have no idea what their “living pictures” are, don't sweat it. As cool as the idea was, the technology itself was either not ready or was so poorly received that the hardware was doomed to fail. The concept, being able to refocus an image after it's been taken, is a great idea. Who wouldn't want to be able to literally fix the focus itself in post-production? Alas, we're not quite there yet.

Traveling and Your Photography: Make the Most Out of It

So you've got some upcoming travel plans, maybe to a new destination or maybe to a place you like to visit over and over again. A favorite city maybe, a real home away from home. Obviously you take your camera gear with you with the goal of making the most of your trip. Do you plan ahead of time or will you be flying by the seat of your pants? We're all different, some people want a detailed itinerary while others want to enjoy some spontaneity, but we all want to come home with some great images. Having a plan (even a rough one written on a napkin) can help you to make the most of your travels wherever they may be.

Never Stop Chasing the White Whale in Your Photography

I've got a simple question for you: is there a photo that you're chasing right now? An image that you're dying to get right? Your white whale (hooray “Moby Dick” references); something that you can see in your mind, you can picture it, almost feel how you want it to look. Whatever the genre, you know exactly what you're looking for in the mood, the vibe, and the scene. The chase and that drive can be something very useful to a photographer. It can inspire and motivate us to keep going, to keep improving, and keep working towards whatever image that we're chasing after.

The Sigma 85mm 1.4: One Year Later

About this time last year, the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art series lens was released and I went ahead and decided to pull the trigger and invest in the new glass. I had heard great things about other entries in the art lineup and understandably Sigma's new 85mm focal length was getting a solid amount of hype. For the past year, I have been shooting exclusively with Sigma's 85mm. It's been the only lens in my camera bag and the only lens I've used for a straight year. What follows are my impressions after a solid year of use; what I like about the lens and what I don't like.

How to Nail Your Attempt at Water Drop Photography

I'm pretty sure many of us out there have at some point or another tried our hand at capturing water drops or freezing the exact moment of a liquid splash. I know that when I first tried something similar way back when, I failed miserably. Here we have an excellent video that breaks down start to finish the process and setup to ensure that your attempt and your results are a total success.

It's Time For Some Awesome Wacom Hacks

So if for some reason you've still never tried a graphical tablet for your image retouching or digital illustrations, seriously stop waiting around. Worst case scenario is that you find that you really don't like it so you turn around and sell it. Best case, you revolutionize your retouching habits; pretty much a no-brainer. You can pick up used tablets online at huge discounts or you can buy new if that's your thing. For the sake of retouching, just try one out. Give it about a week if it's your first time with a tablet. Here is an awesome video with some tips and tricks you can apply to get you flowing right out of the gate.

Yes, Industry Professionalism Still Applies

It's far too easy for people working in a creative field to somehow get the sense that basic attributes of professionalism don't apply because we're working in a non-traditional job setting. This is something to watch out for as that belief couldn't be further from the truth or worse for your business. Being labelled as an artist does not excuse poor professional habits or practices and if you're serious about having a lasting impact and a long career these common-sense business practices should be very high on your priority list.