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Three Reasons Why Instagram's Algorithm is Garbage

The year is 2017 and at this point, it's fair to say that most people are on Instagram. Now I don't think that you have to be and I don't believe that an Instagram presence is a requirement for your success. If you've chosen to forgo this particular media app you're not necessarily missing out. IG is a tool at your disposal and as time goes on, that tool becomes increasingly useless. Here are three reasons why Instagram's algorithm is garbage and may not be worth your time anyways.

More Awesome Photographers Shoot the Same Model: London Edition

Hopefully by now people have had a chance to get familiarized with videos that are circulating featuring three to four photographers all getting together for a day and shooting the same model. It's an awesome idea that can really bring together a small group of creatives for a fun and challenging group project and photoshoot. It seems like a great way to bring people together with a creative vision and just plain make art. This video is that very concept brought to us straight from London.

If You Have Questions About Photographing a Rainforest Watch This

Here is a great video with some tips and tricks for photography in a tropical setting. Something that I'm sure a lot of us would kill for the opportunity to travel and shoot, the folks over at NatureTTL have some advice to save yourself a headache in the event you have that chance. If you want to save yourself some time and avoid learning things the hard way, give this video a watch as they break down a few different basic ideas to help you prepare for the climate.

Does Your Photography Tend to Change With the Seasons?

A simple question for you: do you find that from January to December, over the course of a given year, your photography changes along with the seasons and the environment? Kind of a loaded question though, right? The answer probably depends quite a bit on what exactly your brand of photography is. Of course, other factors play a major role like your location and whether your work is outdoors or in the studio too. When is the last time that you sat down and looked at your body of work? Aside from technical improvements, do you notice any trends that may coincide with various times of the year?

It's That Time of Year Again: Get Outdoors and Visit the Nearest Woodlands

Fall is here folks and that means that if you're able to get outside, you should definitely not miss the chance to do so. We have lots of articles and videos going around about fall colors with tips and tricks about making the most of your outdoor excursions this time of year. Here's another really great video definitely worth your time with some great information about rivers, fall colors, and some macro photography.

New Appreciation for Camera Phone Photography

I have a confession to make: this past week I've been playing around with images that I've taken with my cell phone over the last year or so. I went to backup my phone's photos and decided why not try and play with them a bit in Photoshop during some downtime. You know what? I've been having a great time, my creative gears are turning, and I have a new found respect and appreciation for that tiny camera built into my phone.

Return on Investment From TFP Shoots

If you work with people, whether it be kids, families, seniors, adults, or professional models, male or female, then you have almost certainly shot a TFP (trade for print) shoot before. While the definition of TFP is flexible these days, as most commonly we mean "trade time for digital images" rather than physical prints, these kinds of shoots have and will continue to be an industry staple. The most important aspect of these shoots is the one thing that often gets forgotten: getting a return on your investment of time.

What Does Painterly Photography Mean to You?

If I asked you what comes to mind when I say painterly photography, what would your answer be? Do you think of technical art school concepts that define the two mediums like abstract versus figurative? Or maybe you think of stylistic photography choices, whether in shooting or post-processing, that give the finished image a timeless quality. Whatever your reaction to the concept is, here's a cool mini-series to check out that is delving much deeper into the topic.

'IT' is Here and is Totally Crushing the Box Offices

This past weekend, Stephen King's "IT" opened in theaters and totally crushed things at the box office. The movie adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror novel looks to be both visually impressive and completely terrifying. Take two minutes and watch the official trailer if you haven't already. Take notice of the genius use of vibrant color pops woven into the otherwise muted color tones.

How to Deal With Negativity on Your Creative Journey

One absolutely invaluable thing that a person can learn in life is how to deal with negative people in a healthy way. The unfortunate truth is that at every stage of your creative journey there will always be people looking to bring you down. How you handle this negativity and choose to respond to these kind of people can say a lot about you too. Is there a right answer or does each situation demand a different kind of response?

Facebook Business Pages Are Dead

So I'm just going to come right out of the gates swinging and put it out there; dedicated Facebook business pages are not relevant anymore. The year is 2017 and Facebook has evolved into one of the most efficient advertising machines out there, giving users the opportunity to spend money at every glance. In doing so, it has become the same old commercial that everyone hates and has destroyed the need for a Facebook business page at all.

Jack of All Trades Versus Tunnel Vision Photographers

When it comes to photographers, there seem to be those that dabble in a bit of everything and there are those that shoot one and only one genre. It's a difference of mindset and of perspective, but is either better than the other or does it boil down to a matter of preference? Is there a clear cut benefit for either stance? I'm a one-track mind type of guy and I'm here to tell you that it doesn't bother me one bit.

An Afternoon With Backdrop Artist Sarah Oliphant

Sit down, strap in, and buckle up. This video is a long one but for those who can find 47 minutes to spare and watch this video you'll be rewarded with a casual insight and genuine conversation into the work space of premier hand-painted Backdrop Artist Sarah Oliphant alongside world-renowned Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley. If you've ever considered shooting on a painted backdrop, you'll undoubtedly find this video an interesting watch.

Should You Be Watermarking Your Images?

There seems to be a surprising amount of contention relating to whether or not you should watermark your images. Some people are adamant that yes, you absolutely need to put your stamp, so to speak, on images that you're putting out there online. Other people feel that a watermark is tacky, or that somehow it's presence cheapens the quality of the image that it has been applied to. As I have found with most things in life, context is king when it comes to watermarks.

How to Add a Tangible and Fun New Layer to Your Photo Sessions

You know that someone somewhere did a great job of marketing when it's late at night and something pops into your head, from who knows where, and you find yourself jumping online to make a small new purchase. No, I'm not talking about an expensive new lens or shiny new piece of gear; I'm talking about what amounts to an inexpensive accessory that tags along on your photo sessions. It adds something fun and tangible all while being almost impossible not to have a good time with. I'm talking about those Poloroid-esque mini cameras that seem to be making a big time comeback these days.

So Where Does That Inspiration Thing Come From?

That thing that everyone keeps talking about — The creative fuel for your creative fire? Where exactly does that come from? If you're looking for the short and sweet answer, it comes from wherever the hell you want it to. It comes from music, movies, television, books, nature, cities, and the people all around you. It comes from the weirdest and most random places. Sometimes it hits you like a truck and you know right away; “Holy shit, I just got inspired!” Other times it's much more subtle and you don't realize for a few days or weeks, maybe even months that something happened and you've got your creative wheels spinning.