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Georgi Andinov
London, GB
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Art Director, Photographer
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Gear List
  • Canon 5D MarkII
  • Canon 50mm 1.2L
  • Canon 24-70mm 2.8L
  • Canon 85mm 1.2L II
  • Canon 135mm 2L
  • Mamiya rz67 ProII
  • Mamiya-Sekor 110mm 2.8
  • Leica M2
  • LEICA 50mm f/2 SUMMICRON-M
  • Sekonic l-508

Fashion, portrait and advertising photographer and creative director based in London & Sofia


Harper's BAZAAR ( Bul.)
ELLE ( Bul.)
GRAZIA ( Bul.)
Men's Health

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dustin sparks's picture

You are amazing. So inspiring.

Stephen Starkman's picture

Beautiful work Georgi!

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thanks Stephen, i like yours too!

Charlie Magrin's picture

i was shocked when i figured out you were following me, you are a master of light Georgi, i love your work!

Georgi Andinov's picture

Wow, far from master :D Thanks Charlie, really kind of you.

Thang LV's picture

when are u next here in London Georgi?

Georgi Andinov's picture

Probably in late september, not sure exactly. But i'll be in London for a longer period.

Ivo Ivanov's picture

Стига бе Жоре и ти ли събра куфарите ..... :-(

Tafadzwa Busani Nazare's picture

i love your style .... amazing

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thanks Tafadzwa :)

Ivo Ivanov's picture

Tafadzwa Жоре е номер едно бе! Само толкова ли можа да измислишшшш?!

Caleb Alvarado's picture

nice work! Inspiring!

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thanks Caleb!

Mike Distras's picture

Beautiful portfolio! :)

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thanks Mike! I'm doing my best :)))

David Geffin's picture

Nice work Georgi, thanks for sharing!

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thank you David :)

Fraser West's picture

Nice work

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thank you Fraser :)

Ivo Ivanov's picture

Браво Жорка!

Georgi Andinov's picture

:) Мерси Иво, чакаме снимки.