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Levi Sherman
Philadelphia, PA
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Photographer, Retoucher
Levi Sherman Photography
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Hillary Fox's picture

Hey Levi,
Love your work :-)

Thanks for joining the Travel Photography Group!


Yuri Nicolau's picture

Hello everyone!
I have a passion for wedding photos.
I wish i had someone who could retouch wedding photos on photoshop to give them a more glamour look.
Where i live, wedding photos start from $2000+, and I am willing to share that with someone.
Anyone, please?

Duke Pham's picture

I'm planning to move to NJ, just 30min away from Phila. Hope to see you sometime :)

Levi Sherman's picture

Nice! hmu if you ever want to shoot or need an assistant or anything

Daniel Hernandez's picture

Nice portfolio man!! Hit me up if you pass by to Miami!!

Levi Sherman's picture

Thanks man!! Ill definitely hit you up if i ever go

Andrew Yianne's picture

Nice to see another 16 year-old here! Maybe we should team up hahahaha

Levi Sherman's picture

Haha definitely bro! great stuff btw!

Rickey Allen's picture

Thank you

Victor Escandon's picture

Holy Moly! 16....Great job dude..

Levi Sherman's picture

Thanks man!!!

Lee Morris's picture

You're about to win this Karma game early

Levi Sherman's picture

Thats my goal! :) #karmawhore

Patrick Hall's picture

Get a profile photo up levi!

Levi Sherman's picture

I did but it wasnt showing up so i just deleted it and reuploaded it. #bug

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This new Fstoppers website is awesome!