3 Great Budget Canon Lenses

Canon's RF lenses have been highly impressive, offering fantastic performance and image quality while pushing the envelope of lens design, but on the other hand, many of them are quite expensive. There are some budget gems available, however, and this fantastic video will show you three great options that get you a lot of performance and image quality for not a lot of money. 

Coming to you from The Camera Store TV, this excellent video will show you three great budget Canon mirrorless lenses, including the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STMRF 800mm f/11 IS STM, and RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM. All three of these lenses are great options, but the 100-400mm f/5.6-8 is definitely worth a look. 100-400mm is a tremendously versatile focal length range, but with that narrower set of maximum apertures, not only is it more affordable, it is highly portable. This makes it a great option for someone like a landscape photographer for whom every ounce in the backpack is worth consideration, but also for whom having that extra set of focal lengths can enable new creative opportunities. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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I love my 800mm paired with the 2x teleconverter on an RP. Light and powerful.