Canon Is Planning a Remarkable Camera

Canon Is Planning a Remarkable Camera

Ever since the EOS R5 hit the market, Canon has pushed ahead with vigor in the mirrorless market, and it looks like they have no intention of slowing down. In fact, the company seems to be planning a camera that will challenge Sony for the crown of resolution by quite a bit.

At the moment, the Sony a7R IV holds the crown for full frame resolution, sitting at a whopping 61 megapixels. However, that 61 megapixels may pale in comparison to what Canon has planned. Canon Rumors is reporting that the company plans to release a full frame RF mount camera with over 100 megapixels of resolution at some point in the first half of next year. Currently, if you want to get into triple-digit megapixel counts, you will need to jump into medium format, but for the many photographers already invested in the Canon ecosystem, the option to use their RF lenses to achieve ultra-high levels of resolution is sure to be appealing. While such levels of resolution could challenge some older adapted EF lenses, Canon's RF lenses have generally been fantastically sharp and will likely be able to handle the extreme demands. Canon has been pretty faithful to their DSLR model conventions, so such a camera would likely serve as the mirrorless counterpart to the 5DS and might share some similarities in function and form with the EOS R5. We'll see what 2023 brings! 

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George Malczynski's picture

As someone who bought and later sold his A7R IV, I don’t know who would actually want this. 61mp was an insane amount of resolution and having the processing power to keep the editing process snappy is no joke. I have over 14tb of data in a single year of shooting with this camera, keep in mind this doesn’t include the back-up process, files I decided were not worth archiving, or files from an A7sIII that I also use. 100mp+ would certainly not be any better.

Metin Yirtici's picture

Thank you for sharing your experience. Some people forget what's the downside of large files.

george andrews's picture

The 5dsr is still the standard to test lens resolutions on and most older lenses can't keep up with it. If they make a 100mpix sensor for full frame everyone will have to create lenses with higher resolution abilities to keep up. I love the ability to crop in on some of my shots an insane amount. But file size is an issue unless you can shoot in a smaller raw size.

toni 2's picture

Two thinks:
1) Perhaps the problem is with other Canon cameras are that hey have too low MP, as the 20 MP of the R6.
2) The problem is 100 MP, the problem is that perhaps it's necessary to choose: photo (without low pass filter) or video (with low pass filter). Because with the mix is impossible to get best photo sharpness.

Eduardo Cervantes's picture

I want a truly unbeatable remarkable camera with half this pixel count. Canon just improve the damn R5! Or yes, 100 mp body with choice of lowering the mp count with no quality degradation and one-touch on-the-fly command

peter rath's picture

MP count is important but more important is the quality of the sensor they're going to be using. The R5's sensor is rated the best Canon sensor by DXOmark but nowhere near as good as the one other manufacturers use. I'd rather Canon raised it's sensor ratings than it's MP count.

Max C's picture

I just want a dual card slot 30mp EOS R mark II with AF capability of the most recent cameras for $1999.