Is the Fujifilm GFX 100S the Ultimate Landscape Photography Camera?

The Fujifilm GFX mirrorless camera series has rewritten a lot of industry paradigms, bringing medium format to the market at prices that compete with upper-level full frame options, making it a tempting choice for landscape photographers. This great video follows a professional landscape photographer as he uses the camera in the field and shows you the experience with and image quality from it.

Coming to you from Andrew Marr, this neat video shows the experience of shooting with the Fujifilm GFX 100S medium format mirrorless camera. The GFX 100S is definitely one of the most intriguing cameras on the market right now. The original GFX 100 was mightily impressive, offering a 102-megapixel medium format sensor and modern features normally reserved for cameras with smaller sensors at a price ($9,999) that significantly undercut those of other medium format options. And so, the GFX 100S was all the more impressive, as it offers almost everything the GFX 100 did at only about half the price ($5,999). And beyond that extreme resolution, you get fantastic dynamic range and Fuji's highly lauded colors, making it seemingly one of the best options out there for landscape photographers. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Marr. 

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Stuart C's picture

Fantastic photographer, great bloke (as endorsed by First Man Photography, another great channel) and brilliant YouTube channel. Love Andrew’s work and relaxed style of video.

barry cash's picture

For the money it’s good, but there’s better, also sharper lenses Rhodi, but most know that.