Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Review From Justin Wojtczak

Longtime reader, photographer and winner of last year's behind the scenes contest Justin Wojtczak, shares his review of the Sigma's 35mm f/1.4 lens with some footage he shot while out on-location in Los Angeles photographing a wedding.

From his video review, you can a see a range of videos and stills that were shot featuring a sampling of wedding and landscape images. Wojtczak also added the settings from each shot for the viewer to get a better understanding of the conditions he was working in.

Below are a couple stills Wojtczak shot with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens.

Justin Wojtczak_0001
Justin Wojtczak_0003Justin Wojtczak_0004Justin Wojtczak_0002

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Joe Russo's picture

 Been using this new Sigma since December, and it quickly made it to the 'first lens to grab' list, replacing my old 55mm f/1.2.
It's sharp enough at f/1.4 for me not to worry in dark environments, and focus is quick and accurate.
And I LOVE the build quality.

Jon McGuffin's picture

I too have owned this lens now for a little over two months (the Nikon mount) and it's just flat out a great performer!

David Neitz's picture

If I could only find the damn thing for a Nikon! Damn you Sigma for making me wait.

Robert Daniels's picture

I have mine on a Nikon D700. All I can tell you that the images are simply stunning. No micro focus adjust needed. Very accurate and very sharp. I also have a heliopan low profile UV filter on the lens with nano coating. Awesome Combination. :)

Syman St's picture

Here's my favorite lens ever, taken with my incredible New Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.0 "C" lens. In my opinion two of the best lenses from Sigma. 

Jon McGuffin's picture

I have been wondering what the image quality of that 17-70 is going to be like but can't find anything around the net on this.  Considering it's the "contemporary" line I don't know what to expect.  Can you give us a mini review sy?

Syman St's picture

Well, the lens quality (17-70) surpassed my expectations. It is remarkably well built, very smooth zoom, fast AF. The Image Stabilization works very well too. But sharpness, color rendition and Bokeh is where this lens really shines. Wide open at f/2.8 is amazingly sharp, zoomed in at f/4 is even sharper. Check out the attached image shot at f/2.8, ISO-320, 1/60 at 17mm. Not much of a review, I know, but I am more than happy with my purchase.

Victor Fontanez's picture

I have the Canon mount on a 5Dmk3 and it does have accurate focus, no need for micro adjust. the build is best in this price range period and the sharpness at f1.4 is totally exceptable even for professional photography. 

Ivey Photos's picture

Every Sigma I've ever owned was soft wide open and had trouble focusing accurately.  Is this one having that issue?

Syman St's picture

I know what you mean, but surprisingly this one is very sharp wide open.

richardsonad's picture

Shot this yesterday at f2. I love my Siggy 35mm.

Vicky Mittal's picture

Are the images color corrected? If not the color is stupidly awesome! Also thank you so much for putting in settings for each shot. It helps to understand what you using to create the shot. I wish more review videos would do that.

Syman St's picture

Straight out of the camera. No processing, camera style is neutral.

I've been burned by Sigmas in the past as well, and I must say, this is a completely different animal. It's as sharp and accurate wide open as my 135L (and I've got a great copy of that one.) Never had to adjust it and I wouldn't for a second take it over the 35L, not even close. 

Rich Meade's picture

Ugh, why did I watch this just after getting my tax return...


sveinagronnevik's picture

Stunning results! Is it possible to get the same result with a Canon 3Ti/600D? (not sure about the shutter speed)