Best Sprinter Of All Time Used a Nikon To Celebrate His Gold

Best Sprinter Of All Time Used a Nikon To Celebrate His Gold

Usain Bolt who just won his 5th Olympic gold medal tonight decided to celebrate it in a very unique way. Instead of just running and waving to his fans like most athletes will do, he decided to celebrate by taking pictures. Right after winning the gold at the 200m race, he took a Nikon D4 from photographer Jimmy Wixtröm (Aftonbladet newspaper, Scandinavia) and just started shooting his teammates, his fans, and other photographers and members of the press. Awesome way to celebrate greatness.

Below are the images of Bolt enjoying his new toy - but make sure you check out the photos he took - great results on the track, and also outside of the track.

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Photo: AFP

Photo: Harry How / Getty Images

Photo: Harry How / Getty Images

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Are there other cameras that anyone else would really want to use? I kid, I kid! .......not really.

I think that raises some interesting copyright issues!

I agree.....I hope Usain was paid for HIS images.....

Are you seriously this dense?

It was a lighthearted joke. If you know anything about Usain, he's a goof... so he turned the cameras back at the photogs. A little funny after an epic dash.

now that would be awesome

even though he grabbed the wrong brand camera ;)

on the first photo it`s not d4 - but d3s... held by sprinter with nr 3 not 7! so it`s not Bolt.... i think.

apparently the 1st picture is not from the olympics but instead from world championship last year. this is the 2nd time bolt has done this. heres a link:

You got me confused. The other 2 Jamaican runners had much lilghter skin tones than bolt not to mention younger... I'm sure it's bolt, but why the 3 on the right tigh??

simon anhorn's picture

funny is, that most of the cameras around the nikon are canons.
by the way great idea from nikon to do this kind of promotion!

Let's see his shots!
He could stand to learn how to hold a camera....

Noam Galai's picture

his shots are linked in the article. he's not bad ;)

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Yeah, I thought his shots came out pretty darn good, myself.

of all the the camera in the crowd (canon) 1 brand stands out:)) hahaha

What a bad headline. It makes it sound like he is a Nikon representative instead of someone who just grabbed a camera.

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Most of the cameras are not canon the few that are stand out due to their product design... White lens... Black lens with red stripes... Also contract with Getty images but most professional sports photographers prefer Nikons due to their super fast shutter speed... Canon were made popular by soccer moms with small hands...

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Brands don't matter to me... But it bothers me when people are all about a brand because thats what they notice that's being used at an event

Is that the Nikon 14 - 24mm lens? If anyone has one can they recommend? Thanks

 It is ! The 14-24 mm is the top lens on the market...