The Coolest Way To Destroy A 400mm 2.8 Lens

Watch how Mark J. Rebilas destroys a D700 and 400mm 2.8 (11k worth of gear) in a split second.

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Gutted, but i bet he's even more gutted not to have any pics from the cam before it became mush.

That made me cry a little

And that's why you get insurance!

yeah that whole story turns though, when he loads all his stuff in that nice little worthless car. Im being sarcastic ;-)

Anyway he can sell his Corvette to replace all those gear....

But did he get the shot?


I literally just almost threw up watching that. I'd probably have a mental breakdown if that happened to me!!

While that totally sucks, I felt bad for the guy until he just sort of shrugged and put all his gear in the back of his corvette...

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Oh, you guys noticed the Corvette, too? Yeah... I wouldn't be too heartbroken if I was him. Still sucks, though.

What a sad sad story. The photographer who lost his camera sure was a trooper! :)