Ken Hermann Shoots Pro Skaters for Hasselblad Masters 2012

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ken Hermann is the winner of the General Category in the Hasselblad Masters Awards. The behind the scenes video above gives a brief look at his work involving pro skaters. “It’s a big honour for me and I’m really proud because this is one of the most prestigious and well-known awards in the industry,” he says. “Winning the award will give me the chance to show my work to a global audience including potential international customers and agencies.”

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Man you can really tell when a medium format camera has been used. The detail is just all there and the color is PERFECT.

Lukas Prochazka's picture

oh the mindfu*k is that he photoshoped the light I wounder how can light be like in the picture and so fr away....nice job 

Did you watch the video?  How did he photoshop the light....

I also thought, some of the shadows are inconsistent with the angle of the main light (sixth picture). But hey, a non-photographer wouldn't notice that... hopefully.

Ett Venter's picture

John's right. His shadow suggests a rear left backlight, but the dark shadows on his right arm are inconsistent with that...

I really can't figure out the lighting. Don't think it's shoped.
My brain is telling me "he used two lights and let one shadow "simply" disappear out of frame or in the shadow area in the background" but that doesn't make it any easier to figure out how he did it.

Lukas Prochazka's picture

It is photoshoped for example the last one the video can see the light there....1:53...picture 8+ you can see on the concrete when the light was because it is from one point the light just appear and gives to pictures unique look...

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 As he uses a tripod for his camera, it's pretty easy to remove lightstands

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The lighting in these photos is way more impressive than the fact that these were taken with a medium format camera...

Completely agree... so sick

 The lighting is impressive but it borders on overkill.....He didn't even bother to bring battery packs. He brought a generator......

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Why should he "bother to bring battery packs"? He wanted to light the shot, and he did exactly that. Bringing battery packs would have made as much impact on the photos as using a generator - nothing. So who cares? :)

very true. its just a more reliable source of power rather than an increased amount of light. God i love these shots!

David's picture

anyone else think this is a little bit of a square peg in a round hole?? hasselblad for pro skating??

Hi David,
A large portion of pro skate photographers have used Hasselblad's for years (500 series). They are good solid work horses and not too long ago magazines would only accept cover shots if taken on medium format film. Possibly two of the most well known are Atiba Jefferson and Scott Pommier. 

This work looks amazing, the tonal range and colours you get off of these cameras is beautiful. Hopefully one day the price will drop just enough for others to join in, but until that day i'll just have to keep shooting MF film (until it's discontinued!)

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What Rob doesn't mention, is the reason why people use medium formats, such as the Hasselblads, for skating. Hasselblads uses leaf shutters, which leads to very fast flash sync speed. The newer Nikon/Canon flagships can only go at around 1/250 in normal mode, while a camera with a leaf shutter can get 1/500 and above. 

A Hasselblad has a X-SYNC of 1/800sec. It's not like Canon or Nikon can't go into that territory but they have a hack of a problem up there. Over the normal sync speed of 1/200sec (Mark III), or 1/250th sec (most Nikon) the cameras only work in Highspeed Sync. This way you loose A LOT of power whereas the Hasselblad can Sync up to 1/800 sec without loosing flash power.
BUT!! Hasselblad cameras are fantastic, don't get me wrong but the autofocus isn't build for sports. And that's where you run into problems with a Hasselblad....
A Nikon 1DX with 61 af-points or a D4 with 51 is still better than the Hasselblad system.
If you pre focus on a certain point though.....Then you only need to find the money laying around on the street to buy a Blad and a lens and you are in business.....

P.S. On a side note: It has to be noted, that the max shutter speed of some (if not all)  Hasselblad is also 1/800 sec. So you can sync a flash all the way to the max shutter speed but the max isn't nearly as high as the "better" Nikon or Canon cameras with 1/8000 sec. So if you want to shoot fast moving objects there's a good possibility that you need a full flash setup to get tack sharp images. That way you can freeze the action in flight. 

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awesome lighting!! 

That is some serious awesomeness! And a big dose of inspiration & motivation!