The Man Behind Some of Today's Most Iconic Surf Photography

As one of the leading artists in action sports, Zak Noyle has made a name for himself by capturing some of the most beautiful images from around the world. In this episode of "EXPOSURE," go in-depth with Noyle as he discusses some of his favorite images taken over the course of his illustrious career as a surf photographer and action sports documentarian.

Surf photography by nature has a high demand for travel to exotic locations. Noyle's dramatic imagery takes us to many far away tropical coastlines and captures incredibly talented surfers taming dangerous waves. Most known for his impressive waterman skills, Noyle is able to get close to the action with his lens. In some cases he even shoots with an 8mm fisheye on a full-frame camera, putting him right on top of the subject in consequential reef break. From his own backyard on the North Shore of Oahu to the South Pacific, Noyle has taken some of surfing's most iconic images.

All images by Zak Noyle.

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Bogdan Zlatkov's picture

Excellent video and great photography! Zak, do you go out to sell your photos or do clients come to buy them from you most of the time?

Awesome images.