Photos From the Olympics in London 104 Years Ago

Photos From the Olympics in London 104 Years Ago

Sit back and enjoy this series from the 1908 Olympics. This was the first year that London hosted. It's remarkable how much has changed in just the last 104 years. What would these folks think if they saw the clothing our athletes wear these days? I simply can't stop looking at these! Hope y'all enjoy.

Via: The Picture Show

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Fabian Pourmand's picture

This is really cool to see how things have changed

David Woollatt's picture

Amazing photographs :)

Donavan Whyte's picture


Fantastic photographs! Really really good. Stuff has changed indeed. 


Hunter Harrison's picture

That is definitely good stuff. Amazing to see how things have changed. Too bad we will never see these on NBC, since they seem destined to continue their Olympics fail.

geoffrey robinson's picture

funny how no one is in the stands for the majority of the events

Scott Bourke's picture

Probably due to sponsor tickets not being used back then too. :)

Keith Bradshaw's picture

Love it

PhotoStorys's picture

Wonderful shots. The Olympians in the empty arena (Wembley?) shots are no doubt staged photos but interesting none the less.

louisleblanc's picture

I was thinking they could have been during practice...

Kasper Thorup's picture

The third last (the runner who looks like he's collapsing) is amazing. I actually didn't think a photograph existed of that event, since it's always displayed as a painting!

Janice's picture

Is the last picture Jim Thorpe?

Kristofor Jensen's picture

It's hard to compare how serious athlete's are now vs then....high jump without a crash pad?!?  The records might be getting set nowadays but these folks had some talent and not exactly raking in the bucks on sponsorships or endorsements either, IMO.  Very different circumstances for sure!