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Red Bull Features Extreme Sports in Sequence

In one of their latest advertising campaigns, Red Bull partnered with a variety of photographers to show you step by step how extreme sports are really done. By taking multiple frames on a tripod and stitching them together, each one of these jumps and dives is captured in perfect sequence. This style of photograph allows you to see multiple moments of the stunt while preserving the sense of motion that happens. Which one is your favorite?

Photo: Ray Demski

Photo: Mauricio Ramos

Photo: Alex Schelbert


Photo: Garth Milan


Photo: Justin Kosman


Photo: Christian Pondella


Photo: Brian Bielmann


Photo: Agustin Munoz


Photo: Predrag Vuckovic


Photo: Agustin Munoz



Tanner Hall

Photo: Wojtek Antonow


Photo: Agustin Munoz


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ilo photo's picture

Somehow the beach volleyball picture doesn't quite scream "extreme" like the rest! haha
I like the plane one specifically because you know it's flying fast and I can just hear the photographer's camera hammering out those 10 or 11 frames per second.

No Dan Vojtech and Rutger Pauw photo's in here, thats surprising! cool photo's though!

i've done a couple of these

CToledo12's picture

I did a couple of sequence during the last Redbull Xfighters event in Glen Helen CA

Cliff jumping shot is very cool. that is Rick's Cafe, I have jumped off of that cliff many times. 

Mike Folden's picture

The plane shot is really dope!