Shooting the Cover of Bicycle Magazine With Max Riche

Max Riché is back with an amazing shoot this time for Bicycle Magazine. During this past summer Max received a surprising email from Stacey, Photo Editor at Bicycling magazine wanting him to shoot the magazine cover for the special 100th Tour de France Anniversary issue. With the help of Google Maps and some friends who lived near the Alps Max was able to pinpoint the best location for the shoot.


"We nevertheless got a couple of great images with the sun showing up around mid-day. So at least we would not be empty-handed, and the assignment was secured. But we had to fight with close to zero °C temperatures for a good part of the day. It was intense. On the second day, we climbed up the roads to some amazing passes and were the first up there as it was the first day of the year they were open. We were blessed with an amazingly sunny weather, and the day was a feast! We explored some of the most mythical passe of the Tour: Alpe d’Huez, Croix de Fer, Sarenne, Lautaret. As many amazing pictures brought back and a tough choice in perspective for the photo editor."- Max Riché


If you want to read more about the photoshoot along with a complete equipment list check out Max's blog:

On assignment for Bicycling Magazine (Part I): what’s in the bag?
On assignment for Bicycling Magazine (Part II): location, final art and behind-the-scenes

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Jeremy Kramer's picture

I digiteched and retouched the cover for the Jan/Feb issue of Bicycling Magazine. Great people to work with!!

AdamB's picture

I'm aiming to work with them soon myself :) Good to hear that they're good people.

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