Snowboarders With Hundred Foot Vertical Drops

Snowboarders With Hundred Foot Vertical Drops

Scott Serfas has an incredible knack for being able to take beautiful photos in the snow. Combine that with a passion for snowboarding and Scott serves out some unbelievable shots of boarders jumping off cliffs. Not only does he catch amazing moments, his sequences give you a play by play of every twist and turn. I dont know what I find more fantastic, the shots or the boarders who jump off the cliffs. Which one is your favorite?











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is it me or are these edited like 1 shot hdr's,,,?

Maybe, but to me they look more like they have had a go with the highlights/shadows adjustment, high pass or clarity (in Camera Raw) to enhance the edges/local contrast to some extent.

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to me we are viewing low resolution and those are enhanced for print initially. This is amazing work, stunning photography, and a guy with heavy experience. I love it and would just love to be part of that world of photography... it's mind boggling .

Hey F-Stoppers, I appreciate the nice words but I would at minimum expect an email asking me first to publish my photography. And then I could have told you that not all these photos are mine.

Made us discover you though Scott - just wanted to say WOW! Great work (Love the second one - on our FB page today with a link to you so hope that's OK) Just magnificent :)

John jackson, AK spine. Best snowboard shoot from

Incredible photos though! Thanks for sharing