Sports Illustrated Puts Kate Upton in Zero Gravity... Because, for Science?

Sports Illustrated Puts Kate Upton in Zero Gravity... Because, for Science?

Kate Upton? Bikini? ZERO GRAVITY? Sports Illustrated just keeps giving me more and more reasons to not read anything about sports. Now don’t get me wrong, Kate Upton is a beauty but these images, on the other hand, are mediocre. Out of focus, multiple white balances, and even some weird facial expressions going on with people in the background. Overall, I am not sure how I feel about the shoot.

Take a look at some of these images and let us know your thoughts on them. ALl photographed by James Macari:

Kate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate UptonKate Upton


Also, in case you were wondering, here is  little behind the scenes image and video of how they shot the photos:


[Via io9 : photos from Sports Illustrated]

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Boy do I love science.

Andrew Link's picture

Rob Dyrdek (well whoever shot him) did it better.... but he doesn't have Kate's body :(

John White's picture

That is a killer shot! I remember this episode now.

Andrew Link's picture

Loved this episode too. I remember watching it and noticing the photographer mounted two strobes to the walls to flood the plane. Im actually kind of shocked they managed that for DC Shoes, but not for the SI Swimsuit Issue? Somebody cut some corners ;)

Andrew Link's picture

Heres a still where you can see the two strobes mounted on the walls for the Dyrdek shoot. I would've expected more from SI.

Joacim Schwartz's picture

Is there a link somewhere to this episode?

James Jenkins's picture

This is precisely what SI should have done for the lighting. There's absolutely no excuse for a publication like them to have such glaring, harsh shadows.

Any random amateur photog off the street could give you similar results.

Karl Shreeves's picture

Check out the BHS video at which at least explains what the shooter was dealing with.

Andrew Link's picture

other than the bouncing around I don't see much to "deal with" He should have 100% been able to come away with better.

Karl Shreeves's picture

Agreed. Perhaps I should have said, "at least shows us what the circumstances were." For a high profile shoot like Sports Illustrated, I agree that they should have been able to at least mount a few off axis speedlights, or had grips hold them.

Neo Racer's picture

Too bad you never got the job. And who are you again? lol

Andrew Link's picture

Solid response, did you spend most of the day coming up with that one?
Forgive me for thinking that someone who books a huge job like this should deliver far better than these.

Thanks for the idiotic comment though, that's one thing I miss about writing for FStoppers...

Paul Monaghan's picture

I agree with you, the opportunity to do something like this.. the cost of the free fall and stuff you would definitely be pulling out all the stops to create some awesome images, otherwise what's the point.

Being honest when I first seen these shots appear on my face book I figured it was just an amateur photographer having fun with friends..

Lazy togs :(

Graham Marley's picture

Are these just not finished? Why would anyone leave the WB mixed like that in post?

Jason Vinson's picture

i assume these cant be the finished images since you can see her nipple in the top image with the water drops....

olivier borgognon's picture

Actually it's not her nipple, it's the cast shadow of the drops of water on her breast. if you zoom in a bit. :)

JadedDJay's picture

best day of his life

Samten Norbù's picture

It has been a loooooot of money spent on a shoot ... it's a shame than the pictures don't worth it at the end !
... if you are able to pay for a 0 gravity fly and for Kate ... you should have been able to hire a photographer who will take this opportunity to bring the picture to a new level !

The teaser is way better than the final shot !

... Next time Sports Illustrated, call me ;)

Timothy Jace's picture

we now know that silicons works well under pressure (or in this case, zero gravity)... :P

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Although I understand what is your point with WB I don't understand why everything should be white. Or in perfect focus. When I first saw the image I took it the way it was. Cold and warm gives nice contrast...
These are not forensics photographs... And there is no photography law that says if mixed WB are allowed or not.
At the end of the day whoever shot this photos is planning next amazing shoot, while you are just criticizing him on the web :D

Leigh M. Smith's picture

When she's got golden tone to here skin but the other people around her look purple, something is wrong.

Jan Jeřábek's picture

I agree with Roman, it's all about her and zeroG ... the other people are just (and I suppose intentionally) non-living holders, like some figurines. Mixed WB works well for me here, because it emphasizes her and keeps my eye on the model.

Dylan Borgman's picture

The photo of Upton with the two crew members goes to show how ridiculously they retouched her. Look at the difference between her skin tones and them. The one dude's arm that's touching her is a completely different color than the other. I can't believe they thought that looked acceptable.

Bert Nase's picture

Ever heard of light?

Graham Marley's picture

The light is definitely hitting that guy, the shadows coming off of his face are pretty defined. There might be a stop difference in fall-off, but it's nothing catastrophic. The numbers tell the tale tho. The shift from points one and two are marginal compared to the shifts between 3 and 4. I mean, if her hand is that color at that distance from her face, why does that dude's face have twice the cyan as hers when it's closer to her than her hand?

Ignacio Giri's picture

clap clap clap

DennisonBertram's picture

maybe he feels sick in zero gravity and is going to puke.

Jeff Laity's picture


JF Cloutier's picture

With the weight of her chest, it must have been a relief for a short while for her to be in a zero gravity environment...

More seriously, I don't see the point of shooting someone for beauty purposes in a state of zero g wearing a bikini. Why not add some christmas lights around her neck and have her lay onto the hood of a car (velcro would be needed maybe) to push it even more? Pointless. The picture of the dude with floating shoes is much better, at least, there is some sort of story there, or something to sell, like the shoes are very light or something.

Spy Black's picture

Any excuse to put up pictures of Upton is a good "article". Keep up the great work FSpers...

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