Stunning Snowboard Photography By Ben Birk

Stunning Snowboard Photography By Ben Birk

18 years ago this Christmas I received my first snowboard, and with that my first true love was born. I went from the age of 10 till 18 snowboarding as much as possible. The last 10 years have been a little more difficult as life consistently has landed me in places not nearly as conducive to snowboarding as growing up in NH was. That's how I came to fall in love with photography, a lack of snowboarding. Today I was introduced to the work of Ben Birk, and I am now left with an ache in my hear that only the mountains can cure. Check out his work, and be sure to check out his portfolio and flickr!

Ben's work speaks to me on so many levels. His action shots and his use of lighting are awesome, and his lifestyle and portrait shots bring me back to a time in my life where things seemed so much simpler. Ben if you are reading this, thanks for motivating me to get off my butt and get back on a slope with your photography.

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Mike Kelley's picture

Ben's a rad dude, I've known him for quite some time now. Always putting out great stuff!

Agamemnon's picture

E foarte frumos sunt consternat

Harvey MacIntosh's picture

You guys really need a better format for viewing pictures... Especially rad ones like this. 

Wow the one in the marina had me searching for snow for a couple of seconds. Cool stunt!

why do all snowboarder look so gayish?

Jason Vinson's picture

 didn't your mom teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all?

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 If you are using gay in the medieval sense of the word, meaning "carefree" and "happy," than I would say it is because snowboarding is hands down the most fun I have ever had.

If you are using it in a homophobic way, I am sorry but I am not following you.