Surfing Photography By Dezign Horizon

Surfing Photography By Dezign Horizon

With the summer gone and winter fast approaching, why not take a visual trip to Hawaii. Dezign Horizon is a surfer, photographer, blogger, and adventurist. He focuses primarily on surf photography but also enjoys landscape and travel photography.

You can see more of his work on his website and Flickr.

Make sure to check out this full set here.

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A little over-processed for my tastes! Too Instagrammy

Love them! 

um. I have been a surfer my whole life and these photos look like my mom took them. Jeff Devine, Bosko, etc, those are surf photographers, not this guy...

Maybe this is just a bad selection but there is simply nothing special about these photos at all.  Check out or any number of other for much more inspirational stuff.

Looks just like if you'd given a 500mm to any decent photographer

jesus... today is instagram for everything.....

These photos are good, but not remarkable, and certainly not worth a blog post on a general interest website.

There are too many posters on fstoppers these days. Can I have my old fstoppers back please?

I second the request.

Too many posts that are just second rate stuff.

Instagram surf shots? 


Careful Geoff, if you critique anything Fstoppers does nowadays, Patrick might come in and argue you into the ground.  Fair warning bud. 

I find they like to delete comments that aren't drooling over whatever is posted...

Wouldn't be a fair fight. I know a money grab when I see one, I work in this industry.

Man what happened to fstoppers? I cant believe there are so many trolls here now a days. No matter what fstoppers post there is at least 10 persons saying that someone else could have done it better. Grow up people!

Emil, the fact of the matter is just that these photos are nothing special. In fact, if you try to look through the instagram-look, you end up with incredibly average pictures. The guy's extremely heavy on the vignette too, appearantly to compensate for some shots being just plain boring.
I agree with the guys above, too many average posts these days. It's like the poster just thought: hey, I need to put something up, how about some surfing pictures from a random surfing photographer? Would've been nice to get some explanation about what makes these pictures special. If they were shot on film as Ralph states then that would possibly make them more interesting, even though the end result stays the same.

If you dont like it - dont bother. He never asked for a portfolio review and the article clearly states that he's a blogger and im guessing theese are not photo sessions but photos from a blog post. Stop beeing jerks, he's doing what he loves and if he wants a critique he'll ask for one.

 "if he wants a critique he'll ask for one".

If we want images
that need to be critiqued, we'd ask for some.  This is a site to learn,
and there's very little we can actually learn from these photos besides
what *not* to do. 

Although you may not have been here when
Fstoppers was started, it was initially about mainly BTS and interesting
photo news that was wrapped up into a weekly post, they've mostly done
away with that, the post rating system (1-5 stars), and now we have to
sift through upwards of 5-10 barely educational posts a week, if not
many more. 

I came here because I loved it, but sadly so many
other photography websites are churning out more original and engaging
content while FStoppers has been *mostly* stagnant this past year.

I wanted to see posts about tablets and star wars, I'd subscribe to
gizmodo, lifehacker and kotaku's news feeds.  I don't come to a
photography website for this stuff...

I'm also tired of their ads, on the sponsored reviews.  I mean, come on.  We already have to look at 3-4 ads depending on the review, and that's just by the end of this short text.

And don't get me started on the preemptive Sigma review "Sigma’s Outstanding New Lenses", which is based on *selectively chosen* pre-production samples and not on real world (supply or) use. 

Next time a new lens is announced, I'll try out a copy at the local photo store, take a few images of glass cases for ten minutes, and then proclaim to the world how outstanding it is....

Alright sarcasm off, but for you guys to make a review like that is beyond silly.

I was going to write a reply to Emil, but you said everything I was going to say.
Post pictures... be prepared for the critiques, you're fair game.

I dont mind you bashing on FStoppers, go send them a constructive an email about how you feel, i think you are right in some sences. And I've been following this site since the first 6 months of its existence so i know what you are talking about. Chase Jarvis is great, iso1200 is more selective about their posting too. 

However. Trolling every post with comments about how the photographer do not live up to your standards. Thats just lame. Do it better your self and send a post to fstoppers. If you wanna troll - go do it somewhere else, you are just creating a bad aura.

I kinda have to agree....nothing super special about what's going on here....action aside, they're just not that great.....

Some of the photos look like they were shot on film. Yup, over on Flickr, he doesn't say what film he used, but he used a Lomo LC-A+ camera.

some really big waves there. awesome.