[Video] Guy Walks On Speeding Sailboat's Keel For Photoshoot

This picture may look fake but I have video proof that it is 100% real. Alex Thomson really is standing on the keel of a speeding sailboat leaning violently on it's side. This image took multiple attempts all caught on video. scroll down to see this BTSV and 5 images taken from the stunt.

Known as the ‘The Keel Walk’ the stunt involves very precise wind, sailing and sea conditions to make sure Alex and his jet-ski-driving assistant aren’t toppled over by the 8.2 tonne yacht.
Mr Thomson, who performed the stunt while sipping a gin and tonic said: ‘We’d wake up one day and the conditions would look just right, so we’d sound the alarm and get the boat prepped, bring in the jet ski guy, the RIB driver, the photographer, the camera guys… I’m in the suit, ready to go…and the wind drops. It was hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait.’

And what exactly does it require other than one crazy guy in a suit?
A wind speed of 17 – 19 knots, waves between 50cm and 1.25 meters, a sailing speed of nine knots and a crew with some 45 years’ experience.
Once these conditions are met, the crew needs to angle the yacht at 70degrees to get a 45-60 second window where this real-life Bond can mount the keel from a jet-ski and adjust his bow-tie.

Via Dailymail

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Like a Boss lol

All that work, risking your life being crushed by a sailboat and all the photos look like snapshots...

Geoff Lister's picture

The great thing about high performance sailboats is there's absolutely nothing to crush you :) even the kick rudder (they fold back when things hit them) is tucked up.

How about 8.2 tons of hull smacking you in the head as it comes crashing down on you, as it almost did several times in that video.  

With great risk should come great reward, but these photos are point and shoot at best, nothing captivating about any of them.

I'm sure the model doesn't give a crap about the photo but about being paid.  But i agree, nothing on this earth is worth your own life.

The only thing worth your life is living, and he is doing it... are you?

Of course and thank you for asking Nick

I just loved it when he dove off haha...

Gary Zin's picture


Oh, this has made my Canadian winter.
I'm off to buy Hugo Boss right now!

Wow that is absolutely wild! Nothing like the real thing.

Wow, really awesome this!

Seshan's picture

Hope those aren't the final results. :/

can't wait to the 'shopped versions.

 Funny and crazy idea.


Worse that's the second time he does it ! maybe not the best photo shoot but really good marketing.