Tyler Mitchell Confirmed as First Black Photographer to Shoot Vogue Cover, Beyonce Releases Images

Tyler Mitchell Confirmed as First Black Photographer to Shoot Vogue Cover, Beyonce Releases Images

Tyler Mitchell has officially been confirmed as the first black photographer to ever shoot a Vogue cover. At just 23 years old, he’s also one of the youngest to ever have the prestige. So what’s the verdict on his September cover with Beyonce Knowles?

Taking to Instagram, Knowles posted a number of the images from the spread, including two different covers. At the time of writing, photographer Mitchell was not tagged or credited in the posts, although it is widely reported that Knowles played a large part in bringing Mitchell on board for the shoot. There was initial confusion over the process of selecting a photographer, but Mitchell himself has since shared an article which reveals Knowles selected him from a shortlist compiled by Vogue.

In the accompanying interview, Knowles speaks of how she wished to “break down barriers for people of different backgrounds in the fashion industry and beyond.”

In shooting the cover, he has equaled David Bailey, who was also 23 when he shot his first Vogue cover. The shoot took place in the UK, just outside London, in the grounds of an English country house.

Reflecting on his body of work, Mitchell said: “For so long, black people have been considered things. We’ve been thingified physically, sexually, emotionally. With my work I’m looking to revitalize and elevate the black body.”

“It’s funny because I’m pretty sure she headlined the first concert I ever went to, when I was maybe eight or nine, so you could say we met in a past life," he told Vogue.

Lead image by EVG photos via Pexels.

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Eric Salas's picture

I agree. The photos are meh and if he had not had connections deeper than the ocean he'd be taking photos of stuffed animals for a community college class. Unfortunately people like the Catch Me Outside girl exist and talent doesn't matter, endorsements do.

michael buehrle's picture

my take on this is because he is black. not because he is good. race plays nothing into if you are good or not. i am sure that there are magazines across the globe that only have one race shoot for them. i doubt there are magazines in the middle east that allow women to shoot for then. the first step to solving the race issue is to not make everything a race issue.

It does when a mediocre white artist gets the money and attention.

michael buehrle's picture

looks like you have a negative comment for anyone that doesn't match your opinion. again making everything about race doesn't help.

Yeah let's forget about history when it's convenient. The racist past and present does not help. What's positive about that?

michael buehrle's picture

can't do anything about the past. just can change the future. does not do anyone any good to live in the past.

andy greenwell's picture

They're just snapshots to me. No big deal. Anyone can do that.

But you're not doing it.

Congratulations. And shame on Vogue for needing a third party to intervene to give an opportunity to a minority.