Interview with Motorsports Photographer Darren Heath

Videographer Mario Muth spends a couple hours interviewing Darren Heath regarding his Formula 1 photography. Darren covers a ton of information in this interview from what he looks for in composition, gear, to post production.  If you have any desire to get into Motorsports photography or just want to hear an award winning photographer give some advise, you should watch the video. To see more of Darren's unique Formula 1 photos check out the rest of the post.

All images have been used with permission by Darren Heath. To see more of Darren's unique Formula 1 photo check out his website. Darren regularly updates his blog with his newest photos.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Great work from a really cool photographer and down to earth guy. Cool interview.

Björn Lubetzki's picture

Talk about annoying signatures....The images may be good (can't really concentrate on them), but the signature distracts me. In fact it distracted me so much, that I just quickly browsed through them. My eyes have problem to focus on the images.

Not really that much worse than most stock photo sites for sample images. Then again, I'm sure that if he was submitting pics to a bona-fide magazine, they would be un-watermarked!

I was actually thinking how good they were. Impossible to remove yet very innocuous. Seems awesome to me.

Björn Lubetzki's picture

 That's where the opinions differ. I have a really hard time focusing on the images, even as I look at them, them for the third time.

Larry Clay's picture

I can remove them completely in 20 or 30 seconds.

Keith Michael's picture

great interview -- nice perspective on the industry 

I was interested at first but that watermark just makes me loose concentration.  

Björn Lubetzki's picture

 Exactly what I was saying

Wayne Lennon's picture

I just watched the video, Darren just seemed very bitter to me. Always comparing himself to others then backing out of his comments.

The bit at the end where he mentioned he didnt want to be chasing round 23 year old with an ego the size of a country.....if thats how he sees the drivers maybe its not the right sport for him. 

pete guria's picture

Never once mentioned Lewis it.

i am F1 fan... and his pics are really cool...

I really appreciate this comment when speaking of using shallow depth of field:

    "But the rewards, I think, are worth the many pictures one throws away."

It's good to be reminded that even pros don't get it right all the time.