Proof That Hand Models Are Insane

Does anyone remember the Domino's Pizza "cheese puller" video that we posted a few months back? Well I remember commenting about that lady because she seemed a little crazy. Well she did seem crazy until I saw this interview with Ellen Sirot. We all take our job seriously... but com'on...

After posting this I searched for her name and I found this:

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What a crazy woman!!

John Godwin's picture

Yeah, there's literally nothing wrong with this woman at all. I think the thing you guys are seeing is called "confidence". Many of you lack it, so you are probably mistaking it for crazy. 

What campaigns have the mockers and the detractors been involved in, again? I'm guessing absolutely none. I'm guessing that none of you even manage to scrape a living from your passion. 

Let's take a look at Ellen's campaigns:

"AT&T, Almay, American Express, America On-Line, Ajax, Amazon, Aramis, Avon, Bath and Body Works, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bergdorf Goodman, Betty Crocker, Bloomingdales, Body Shop, Brother, Campbell’s, Citibank Visa, Clarion, Coke, Comet, Coty, Cover Girl, Dawn, Dr. Leonard’s, Dr. Scholl’s, Dove, Dove Chocolates, E & B Giftware, Easy Spirit, Elizabeth Arden, Encare, Estee Lauder, Ethan Allen, Federated, Huggies, J. Crew, Jet Blue, Johnson and Johnson, K Mart, Kate Spade, Keds, Kelloggs, Kiss Nail Products, Kodak, Kraft, Lamisil, Lillian Vernon, L’Oreal, Lysol, March of Dimes, Master Card, Maxwell House, Maybelline, Marshall Fields, McCormicks, McDonalds, Moet, Motorola, Nabisco, Nailene, Neiman Marcus, Neutrogena, Novartis, Origins, Oxo International, Paper Direct, Pampers, Panasonic, Pepsi, Pillsbury, Playtex, Reader’s Digest, Resolve, Revlon, Reynolds, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sally Hansen Nail Products, Saran Wrap, Sporanox, Sprint, 3M, Target, Tostitos, Vaseline Intensive Care Products, Verizon, Visa, Wells Fargo, Woolworth"

Hmm, not bad for a crazy lady reduced to being mocked by some internet nobodies who've never shot anything of importance in their entire careers.