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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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Same Day Wedding Edits Can Be The Ultimate Stress

I've been a full time wedding photographer for the last 7 years. I've been in some stressful situations but at this point I'm prepared for almost any situation. Simeon Quarrie, a photographer/videographer promises many of his clients a finished wedding video during the reception the very same day. These same day edits leave no room for error and you can feel the stress yourself just from watching this video.

[Video] The Most Famous, Unknown Model In The World

His name is Jesper Bruun and they call him "the most downloaded man in the world." He is a male model that specializes in stock photography which gets published far more than standard photography simply because it is so cheap. I would agree that he is in more legitimate ads than anyone else but I may have to argue that his face is NOT the most used. Noam Galai, may still be winning that contest.

[Video] The Nikon D4 Shutter In 1000FPS Slow Mo

Fstoppers reader Jason Kolsch just put together a beautiful 2 minute promo video of the new Nikon D4. The D4 is shooting stills at an impressive 11 frames per second but the Phantom (the camera that this video was shot with) was shooting at 1000 frames per second. The beauty of gadgets in motion should bring a tear to any nerds eye.

D4 Buyers May Want To Give The D800 A Second Look

As a wedding photographer I was really never interested in the D800. 36mp in ideal light for commercial jobs sounds fantastic but shooting thousands of images in a dark reception hall and having to deal with massive files horrified me. Because of this I purchased a D4 hoping for high ISO performance in a more manageable 16mp file. After I tested the performance of the D4 in low light and finding it was no better than the D3S, I am giving the D800 a second look.

The PC Sync Cord Needs To Die
Why am I using digital SLR cameras and wireless radio triggers that are at the forefront of technology but I am also forced to use the PC sync cord which has been out for over 60 years. It never works and I want it to die. If you are on an iPhone click this article to watch this video on Youtube.

How Did We Create Our Intro And Outro Logo Animations?
Patrick and I shoot and edit all of our videos but we had to hire someone to do the animation work (our intro and outro logos). That someone was Dan Dawley of Swell Motion Graphics. It took me about 2 months and about 30 terrible animators until I finally found Dan. He works fast (each animation in a matter of hours) and his prices were more than fair. Since he has worked for us we have become good friends and he actually came out to CO with us to help with the Dave Lehl snowboard video. If you need any motion graphics he is your man. His show reel is below and his newly launched website is www.swell.tv

Travis Harris Just Became A Full Time Photographer
Remember Travis Harris? He called me out of the blue a few months back and actually flew to Charleston to assist me at a couple of weddings. Since then Travis has had one goal in mind: to do whatever it takes to quit his day job and work as a full time professional photographer. A few weeks ago Travis took the plunge and quit his job and now he is working his ass off to pick up as many photo jobs as humanly possible. Travis was kind enough to shoot a BTSV at his last gig and give us a few of his lighting schematics. It's really exciting to be able to watch Travis go from amateur to professional right before our eyes. Please leave him some encouraging words below.

Shooting for "InFocus Models" from Travis Harris on Vimeo.

StillMotion Shows Us How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony
Now before you decide that you aren't interested in wedding videography let me say that StillMotion's work is unlike anything you have ever seen before. If you are a fan of flim and story telling then you will be blown away by what this team is capable of creating out of totally candid moments. Watch the informative video below and click on the full post to see their last 2 wedding trailers.

an intro to shooting a ceremony with EOS // canon cinema caravan from stillmotion on Vimeo.