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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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The Best Two-Handed iPhone Gimbal We Have Tested

Although you may not be ready to admit it, the iPhone is a professional video camera for many shooters. We use ours with a handheld gimbal at almost every shoot to get super steady moving shots. Feiyu Tech recently sent us their SPG Plus two-handed gimbal, and I tested it out.

[Video] How To Shoot Video With The Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 may not be a huge improvement over the D3S in terms of image quality but as a video camera there is no comparison. The most important updates include audio controls that allow you to dial in silky smooth sounding audio from an external mic as well as an audio out jack for headphone monitoring. The camera can also shoot at 1080P in standard full frame, 1.5 crop, or 2.7 crop meaning that you now can get almost a 200mm reach from a 24-70mm lens without losing quality. In this video I'll show you how to manage these new features.

iPhone 12 Pro Video Tested Against a Pro Camera

We all hate to admit it, but the most popular photo and video camera in the world is the iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro was just released, and I decided to put its video cameras to the test by comparing them to the Sony a7S III. The phone did surprisingly well.

Dammit Windows, You're Making It Hard To Fight The Apple Fanboys

I am a professional photographer/videographer and I use Windows computers. I don't LOVE Windows, I just know that Mac OS drives me crazy. I hate all of the "syncing" and hand holding that Macs have. Windows disappears into the background and allows me to use applications in peace. Some days, like today, it's hard to justify this decision.

Ansel Adams Versus Amateur Snapshots Prank

Ansel Adams is possibly the most recognizable name in photography. Most photographers claim he is the greatest landscape photographer in history. But what if you were shown his photos mixed into a group of other horrible photos? Would you still see the genius?

Bride Texts During Wedding Ceremony

Cell phones at weddings are getting really obnoxious. "Unplugged weddings" (where all cell phones are confiscated before the event) are becoming very popular these days. I've shot literally hundreds of weddings in my life and cell phones have always been a problem... with the guests. I've never seen this before though.

Try Lighting Your Subject From Your 'Weak Side'

Most photographers have a tendency to light their subjects from the same side. I personally like to set up my key light on camera right and I also always have my subject look toward that light. Not today.