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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

Popular Articles from Lee Morris

Fstoppers and PremiumBeat.com Are Giving Away A Blackmagic Cinema Camera

We have teamed up with PremiumBeat.com to give away what may be the most anticipated video camera of 2012, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This camera is has a 2.5k sensor that shoots in 12-bit Raw with 13 stops of dynamic range for less than $3000. Up until now, these specs were only available in cameras over $10,000. Just like our last 3 major contests, this is a Facebook contest and it is extremely easy to enter.

How Canada's Paralympics Created Their Amazing Ad

If you surf the web as much as me you've probably seen either the still image or the commercial for Canada's Paralympics. I waited to do a post on this because I was hoping a behind the scenes video would come out and lucky of us, one did. Check out the BTSV here and then view the full post to see the finished video and still image.

[Video] Hands on with the Canon Cinema 1D C

It seems that the good folks over at Engadet.com have managed to get their hands on the newly announced Canon Cinema 1D C at NAB in Las Vegas. For those not familiar with the camera, it's basically two Canon 1dx's in one. Ok maybe not, but it does record 4k video footage while maintaining a regular dslr camera body. In fact, it has the same still photo capabilities as the 1DX and is more or less the identical body.

Make your SB-800 better in under 10 minutes
I actually made a video about this over a year ago when I had no clue how to use Premiere. I also didn't have and wireless mics so I edited the whole video in movie maker and everyone who saw it said they couldn't hear me over the music. So we decided to reshoot it with our fancy D300s cameras, Sennheiser Mics, and Adobe Premiere. Hopefully you can understand me now because I am not going to do this again. Youtube version after the jump.

Who Is Waiting Until The Last Minute?
We are currently in the middle of a contest where we are giving away a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s to the creator of the best behind the scenes video. So far we have not had very many submissions but I keep talking to people who tell me that they are still editing their video but it will be in by the deadline (August 1). How many people are waiting until the last minute? You now have exactly 2 weeks to finish. If you are planning to submit a contest entry please leave a comment below with a little info about the type of video you are creating.

Richie Thomassen Shoots The Most Beautiful BTSV Ever
Let me begin by saying that this BTSV is not very informative. I usually only post videos that will help others learn but I must make an exception. This video is the most beautiful behind the scenes video I have ever seen. As creative professionals this video should be inspiring to us all on so many levels. Who would have thought that you could turn a simple photoshoot into a work of art. Thank you Richie Thomassen, you have given me something to aspire to. It is time to step up the video production of our BTSVs. Oh, and I almost forgot; the photographer is Wynn Ruji and his car portfolio is fantastic.

Jaguar XJ | Behind the Scenes from Richie Thomassen on Vimeo.