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About Lee Morris

Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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[Video] 2 Great Video Production Tips For Products
The guys over at SLR Lounge created a killer new bag called the "ONE" bag that can be used to hold just about anything you need. A couple weeks back they created a kickstarter project to help raise money to produce the bag and they also created a BTSV that explained how they shot the kickstarter video. If you are at all interested in video then you should check out their 2 latest videos that focus on 2 different shots in their promo. Check out the full post for the second video.

You Have Less Than 30 Days To Book The Fstoppers Workshop

On May 28th - June 1st Fstoppers is hosting our first ever photography workshop in the Bahamas at Atlantis Resort. We signed a contract with the resort which guaranteed our attendees the cheapest possible hotel rates. After fees, the cheapest room at the resort is usually over $450. The attendees of our workshop pay less than $200/room and they can be shared at no extra cost. Sadly there is a catch.

A Look Back At Fstoppers Workshops 2015 And Our Plans For The Future

When we created Fstoppers five years ago, we always knew that eventually we would host a live event of some kind. In 2013 we started planning for our first ever live photography workshop that would take place in the Bahamas the following year. Our first workshop proved to be far more complicated and expensive than we ever imagined but it was an amazing experience so we decided to attempt it one more time in 2015.