Behind the Scenes of Staged Soccer (or Football) Action Shots

Hailing from Norway, photographer Jens Haugen shared a quick video of one of his recent shoots involving some dramatic soccer scenes. The shoot was done for HamKam, a soccer club which is part of the Noweigian Premier League. 

Jens shoots in a stadium with a three light set up and a white backdrop. Once he gets the action shots of dribbles, dives, and kicks, he then composites them into an intense rainy stadium scene.


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Are these images for the back of a cereal box? I understand that some people shoot for photoshop and they're responsible to deliver whatever their clients are demanding - but I don't have to like it!

I must be getting old - different demographic.

Good solid photography and excellent post work....well done!

Post is a bit over the top for me, and i'm a photoshop guy.

Erik Johansson's picture

I'm a photoshop guy too and also agree, why drag the clarity to maximum? These could be excellent with a bit less cartoonish look. /ErikJ

Personally, I found this tutorial more inspiring! I originally saw it here on fstoppers but it doesn't appear to be in the archives anymore!