Composite Photographer Joel Grimes Explains HDR Portraits

Composite Photographer Joel Grimes Explains HDR Portraits

Joel Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer who is most known for his composite portraits. In his recent interview with [Framed], Joel discusses how he got started with his career, how he uses 16bit HDR images in his workflow, does a full photoshoot, and even shows off his musical talents. The video is long so take your time watching it because he gives a lot of useful tips. I'm trying to persuade Sean Armenta to create an Fstoppers Post Production Tutorial on this type of composite editing so if you have questions leave them in the comments below.

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Shannon Wimberly's picture

thats what i'm talkin about Fstoppers!!!! ..... very very inspiring!!!!  [not saying nothing else is.... the whole site is inspiring, really...i mean..... why would I visit 3-4-7 times a day unless I was getting immensely stimulated by the creative energy that exudes from these pages]

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Liked the video.  Would have loved to see him put a model in the warehouse HDR shot he did.

Off topic but the Framed girl was super cute.

I like Joel's whole series on Framed  (Lit UP). I like Joel's easy going and humble manner, despite his accomplishments, and his simple presentation of information. That being said, using HDR for a studio portrait is a bit like buying pants 4 sizes too large because you have a really long belt. 

give me more of this! :)

Great Film, very enjoyable

Guido Fokkema's picture

Wow, what a great video! I love how down to earth he is, realistic but hope-giving. A video on the post-production would be awesome as well. 
My question is: how is he able to extract the models from the white background when the edges are blown white because of the wrap of the rimlights? And what software is he using for the HDR selection between the still or moving parts of the tree and traffic?

If you're part of Kelby Training Joel Grimes has a series on there all about his post processing. :)

love the Paul C. Buff wireless transmitter. :D

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Old video, but always good to watch. Framed Network also features him in a (shorter) video series called "Lit Up" where he discussed other lighting setups he's used.

Hi, Where's this video ? I can't find it on this page.. :(