Contest Entry: Paddy Fernandez Pumps It Up

The Fstoppers contest has about 2 weeks left until the deadline and the submissions are really starting to come in now. As I said before, we are not going to post every entry but we will post the ones that really stand out to us. Paddy Fernandez has created a fantastic BTS video that shows his concept to completion. The final product is fantastic and you can come away knowing exactly how to do something like this yourself. This video is a perfect example of how it is possible to be the photographer and videographer of a BTS video. Please help support Fstoppers and Paddy by simply commenting below and joining our community at the forum.

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Marshal's picture

This is really creative in every aspect, from add concept, lighting and video production of the whole thing. Sparks a few ideas in my mind and I think I just learnt a new photoshop trick! One of best for the contest Ive seen yet.

Really sick work Paddy

----Marshal Chupa----

Luca's picture

This is great!
He deserves a high value in the contest rating...really really inspiringl!!

Brian's picture

What I really enjoyed about this video was that he showed his pre-visualization. So many videos show only what's happening on the set, not the hard work and planning that came before. Kudos.

Jim Milne's picture

This should easily win. From sketch to final outcome, is one of the best ways and way I set up my shoots too.

Amazing video Paddy lad. Good luck!

IPBrian's picture

This video is awesome! This is the kind of user stuff the site needs, congrats to Paddy on some awesome work. Brilliant!

Nour El Refai's picture

Nice and Simple
I really like this one from the idea to the final image, If there was voting, I would vote for this

Mike Gilbert's picture

Well done, Paddy. This has been my favorite BTS video so far! Showing your workflow from concept- to execution, as well as the final processing is how all the BTS videos should be. Keep up the good work!


Burt Johnson's picture

Excellent work! I love the way it is all explained, including several elements I would have overlooked.

I think I may use ideas from this and try it out this weekend myself, just to see if I really understand all you did !

stakx's picture

Nice! Very helpful BTS. I hope you make more of these. (BTW: workflow BTS are very useful to me at my stage of learning.)

Saidoe's picture

that's great one, seem he has been working hard for this contest ....:D thanks thanks..inspired me alot :D

daniel's picture

great video mate, love the light setup you did with a bit of the ambience light. congratulations!!!

Jason Nunez's picture

This was a very insightful and informative video! I hope you win!

Joshua Cunliffe's picture

Awesomely creative, really well thought out and brilliantly executed. Really good work!

Jon Chiang's picture

Great video! I love how you showed your pre-production and creative process

Ernie's picture

The others presented so far have been great, but this is the best! Just well done in every way.