Fighting the Fire of Breast Cancer with SlickForceGirl

Fighting the Fire of Breast Cancer with SlickForceGirl

Nick Saglimbeni is back and still fighting the war on breast cancer with his photo series known as SlickForceGirl. With every SlickForceGirl shoot a proceeds of the profits goes to aid The Breast Cancer Charities of America. Check out this behind the scenes video of the shoot in which Nick photographs the beautiful Kaitlynn Carter in a blazing fireman's uniform saving some adorable puppies.








If you want to learn more about how this series helps contribute to the ongoing fight against cancer check out their website over at

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Tam Nguyen's picture

I'll buy whatever she's selling.

She's got Farrah Fawcett hair, with other stunning attributes!

I would so date her

yeah as if....

sweet girl. Btw, are those real?

Btw, is that the new Hasselblad H5D that he is using?

love her boobs

Jonathon Harrington's picture

Check out this book that also supports the fight against breast cancer.

Bit of class would be nice gentlemen.

cool axe

christian lacasse's picture

1m54... the Axe's handle is bigger than her biceps. Come save me from the blaze... NOT ;-)

This is insulting, even as a guy. Most of the comments seem to reinforce the sexist portrayal seen here. Also insulted as a photographer - totally unconvincing image, awful Photoshopping.

Rebecca Britt's picture

I'll agree with some of the comments, but not with the editing of the image. I happen to like it.

Adam T's picture

"I have to act out the scene"

1.2.3. Boom - Emotionless model face "Classic"

I'm glade to see charity but this type of business with it's some proceeds from some items going to a cause, is just odd to me.

If you remove the slight charity from them, all your left with is horrible composites, a website that looks like a local hip hop scene promoter vomited canned photoshop filters while conning models into a cheap royalty rate poster structure to sell to their target market of Pervs and 14 year olds that are way into pro-wrestling and need to even out the man posters on their walls with risque photos so their friends wont think they are playing for the other team.

I think this type of business is the skinamax of photography, a step above PRN but not good enough quality to be top class.

-Rant End

Antonio Carrasco's picture

Reinforcing gender stereotypes and pinkwashing at the same time... Good job Nick Sambligebegni!