An Inside Look At Car Photography Post Production

Have you ever seen a car ad in a magazine and wondered "how did they do that?" The car itself seems to be glowing and the location is always perfect. I've always known that tons of photoshop is involved by I didn't know if the car was actually shot in that location or if it was shot in the studio and dropped into the scene in post. In the case below, the car was shot on location and lit with a very simple rig (umbrella on a stick). The magic happens in Photoshop afterwards.

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I would look at the Video and say that if you have a different Idea on how it should be done. Then do your way and make a video of it and post to here so that people can see the different ways to light and edit as opposed to bashing a dude that prolly put a lot of effort into sharing what he does. 

What I pulled away from this is some ideas and post I would like to try with some people in place of a car.

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I liked it.
Ok so it's not teaching you the specific details of the specific individual photoshop techniques. (I suspect that would take hours)
But it does give a good overall view of how it was put together.

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haha, thats pretty much almost how me and a friend of mine do a few of our shots...

one of mine:

a video my friend made...

Stumbled across Martin's 500px profile the other day, and while he's a great portrait shooter, this car shot caught my eye. I figured anyone shooting a Peugeot next to a parking deck wasn't a pro auto shooter and I'm happy to see this video confirm my suspicion- one guy with a simple light can pull off a pretty nice image. Purists can scoff, but I'm glad to see what one person is capable of even if it's not magazine perfect.

I think the vid is cool...

Also heres a link to another Vid I stumbled upon that I thought was kinda cool...

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this technique was first revealed by Ken Brown 4 years ago..never underestimate the power of a single speedlight and a softbox..

All that work and they could get rid of that reflection on the rear passenger window?

But, I liked the vid! Good stuff!