Joey L Shoots "Holy Men" From Around The World

Joey L Shoots "Holy Men" From Around The World

Joey Lawrence has made several trips over the past few years to India and Ethiopia in order to create a larger body of work centered around Holy Men from all around the world. Check out a sampling of his work and check out the rest HERE.












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Jason Lee's picture

wow that last one is stunning

Matt Estrada's picture

His work is always so interesting! 

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The light, its perfect!

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OnevFoto's picture

simply fantastic. loving the post processing of the colors as well.

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In one of his video he explains a bit how he acheives this... search ab it on the interwebs it not hard to find! ;)

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I know Joey's an incredibly popular photographer, but even so, I think he's still totally underrated. If you only knew him for his commercial work, you'd completely miss what he's really about. I think he has probably the best personal work of any commercial photographer.

Really good images. The light is amazing! Looking forward to the next travel!


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Great series, his personal projects are always so interesting

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wow. he's amazing

amazing set

Daniel Alzate Hdez's picture

Guauuuuuu. Really wonderfu

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simply amazing

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Joey does awesome work! Love the light. 

Yes, I agree he is an amazing photographer, sadly there are no photos of any Western Christian Holy people, of which there are plenty.

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I have been looking at this almost everyday and I still get the chills every time I look at the last image.