[Pics] Captivating Portraits of Twins by Martin Schoeller

[Pics] Captivating Portraits of Twins by Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller's work is always so impressive. We shared some of his celebrity portraiture with you a couple of weeks ago. Now take a look at these close-up portraits of twins, taken at the "Twins Days Festival" in Twinsburg, Ohio. Is anyone else instantly reminded of Diane Arbus' Identical Twins? The longer you look at these, the more different they appear to be. Fascinating!

Via: National Geographic


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Mike Folden's picture

These are really sick! I love the lighting and overall photography but it's cool to look at them side by side. I especially love the DOF on these. 

Tam Nguyen's picture

One think I noticed is that their chin structures are different. One's normally wider than the other.

and weirdly, it seems to be the one on the right... every time.

Could have to do with focal lenght used. I would think he used the same prime for all of them though...

This is really amazing. Its twins, but the more I look, more differences I keep finding. Totally another perspective. So alike but still different.


Jens Marklund's picture

Martin Schoeller is a god. Almost bought a huge print by him last year.