Ryan Buller Visualizes and Photographs Sound

I am always amazed at photographers who can take a simple idea  that costs very little and turn it into a really cool photo shoot. In his most recent shoot, Ryan Buller does just that by applying drops of multicolored paint to the top of a garbage bag wrapped over a speaker. Check out his simple set up and the beautiful results!



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It's a really awesome project. But I think it is pretty important to point out that it is a variation on Ross Ching's ad for DTS.


But those are both variations of Christopher Hewitt's project for Canon from 2010


I remembered there was some earlier ad but I couldn't find. It kept my mind busy until now, so thank you :) 

Amazing work from Hewitt BTW.

I can't believe he got those results from speedlights

But can he make it work from different directions like this?