'World's Best Father' Captures Creative Portraits of His Daughter's Childhood

Dave Engledow is not just a great photographer, but he's a pretty awesome Dad, as well. After the birth of his daughter Alice Bee he wanted to document her childhood in the most creative way he could. Not a professional photographer (Dave works in progressive politics and worker's rights), but the photos are well shot and thought out. If you're wanting a little parental inspiration and a few laughs click below. Happy Father's Day!

What I love about the series is not just the cute posing or the adorable Miss Alice Bee, but the thought behind the photographs by her father. They feature his largest worries about being a father and what that entails. It looks like little Alice Bee is growing up just great. View the video below to hear his take on the series and a short behind the scenes glimpse at one of the shoots.

"The character I portray in this series is intended to be a parody of the father I hope I never become distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing. I've always used humor as a way to deal with my personal fears and neuroses, and in many way these images are often an attempt to do just that; to illustrate humorously the fears that I and, as I've learned, many other new fathers have about fatherhood."- Dave Engledow














You can find more of the series on Dave Engledow's:
Facebook page
Kickstarter page (fundraising ended)

Via: Borrowlenses.com and LaughingSquid.com

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Thewirehead's picture

These are awesome! Great work.

Jay's picture

Polotics? Really?

Rebecca Britt's picture

*rolls eyes*

I'm human I make mistakes. Get over it.

Patryk M's picture

My type of woman :)

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James Reilly's picture

So sassy!

Rob LaRosa's picture

Said the guy not using his full real name.

Tony Guillaro's picture

This is sooo freaking adorable

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Brian Jurkowski's picture

Emil Nystrom has some great stuff too, but I like Bill Gekas' concept even more....

Chris Renton's picture

Love these photos - great fun! This has inspired me to get more creative with photos of our baby.

Bob Bell's picture

Ace :)

jniz22's picture

super cute... just don't like the processing. I like the last one :P

Jaron Schneider's picture

Yeah I'm not a fan of the processing, but the subject matter is just so good.

Bruno Inácio's picture

very creative!

Yaneck Wasiek's picture

simply fantastic!

Marcus Lundberg's picture

Cute, fun and yes, adorable! I like the ones that are less processed more.. because the processing is baaaad!

lololalallll's picture

When will people stop with the HDR...

James Reilly's picture

Just pretend it's a little happy tree. There. It's a little happy tree.

Rik Van Colen's picture

Too cute. The processing works for me, it gives the images a exaggerated, cartoon like feel.

Privacy Is Key's picture

the processing has it's place in this series. it gives an illustrative style. All of this was just so hilarious.

David Crockett's picture

Great photo illustrations...totally ruined by that super contrasty editing effect that has become so popular and looks so crappy. Too bad. I can't wait for that fad to be over!

Brandon's picture

I like these, but I feel like some of these are ruined by the HDR feel..Don't get me wrong, creative and very unique nonetheless but I just feel like the HDR kills it.

FRMLON's picture

Right on! Nicely done

Marco Mackenbach's picture

Love it

Jon Snow's picture

Love it

Willowisp's picture

Very imaginitive. Love em