100 Ultra Moody Self Portraits

100 Ultra Moody Self Portraits

Hailing from Italy, photographer Luca Pierro has created quite a dramatic project with his 100 Self Portraits series. Each photo certainly keeps to a style while being diverse and unique all at the same time. I rarely shoot low key, so when I see it done well it really inspires me to get out and do it myself. Hopefully Luca's work will inspire you to try something new as well. Enjoy!


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sick...love every one o f them...

Love the 11th from the top (the one that looks like a skeletons eyes and nose.  Amazing to see what he has done with shaping and sculpting the light on his own face.  I have been thinking about setting up a tethered laptop to live view my own self portrait session and this post has pushed me over the edge to actually do it.

Thanks again FSTOPPERS :)  Excellent find. 


'Steg! Awesome Set!