12 Ways To Achieve A Perfect Glamour Shot

12 Ways To Achieve A Perfect Glamour Shot

Mostly for humor, and partly for reminiscing this funny time period, here is a visual instruction list on how to get the perfect glamour shot. Chances are you remember these amazing shots from the 90's, maybe you even had one of your own (care to share it with us?). Either way, let's take a trip down memory lane and look at these unbelievable shots with directions included.

1. Hold on to your collar


2. Wear silk gloves


3. Wear a feather boa


4. Play up your hands


5. Expose your shoulder


6. Make sure your hair is awesome


7. Try combining as many options as possible


8. Opt for a cool hat


9. Add your favorite jacket


10. Make use of props and accessories


11. Bring a friend


12. Whatever you do, don't become a "Granny Glamour Shot"


You can see more images here:

[Via Buzzfeed]


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Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I am planning a room mate shoot like this. This is a sign I must complete it. However a cat will be involved on mine. 

CJ Schmit's picture

I think I need some bleach for my eyes now....

Sandra Jackson's picture

That is hilarious!

James's picture

Grandma !! if dad finds out !

John Arnold's picture

OMG that last one is the Queen!

Cornelia Viljoen's picture

the problem all of us sat for a shoot like this earlier days.Now that was photography;P

WHAT!! Ganny shot was the best one!!!!

chrisholland2's picture

20 years from now - we'll look back at portraits we did now...

Lazy's picture

Gotta love the 80's 

Honestly... I think I'm going to create a modern day series that mimics the style of 80's portraits. Thanks for helping think up this idea F/Stoppers!

Jess Holmes's picture

These are hilarious! Though I can only imagine how ridiculous some of the things we wear today will look in 20 years. I am actually a pretty big fan of the modern day Glamour Shots- my family has been using them for all sorts of occasions for the past 8 years now. I was skeptical (having seen these 80's-90's glamour shot disasters all over the internet) until I read some <a href="http://www.glamourshots.com/" rel="nofollow">glamour shot reviews</a> :)