Actors Pose As Some Of Their Most Famous Characters

Actors Pose As Some Of Their Most Famous Characters

Successful celebrity portrait photographers often steer the focus away from a celebrities' past persona. This set of photographs goes the completely opposite direction and does some fun interpretations of specific characters in famous actors' careers. Some of the setups are simple and subtle, and some are very blunt. I think they're all great, except maybe Tom Cruise.

©Sarah Dunn 


©Keith Bernstein


©Keith Bernstein


©Sarah Dunn


©Robert Gallagher


©Bradley Patrick


©Matt Hollyoak


©Sarah Dunn


©Sarah Dunn


©Adrian Green


©Adrian Green


©Sarah Dunn


©Sarah Dunn


©Sarah Dunn


©Robert Gallagher


©Sarah Dunn


via [Empire Magazine]

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Douglas Sonders's picture

cool. who was the shooter? where did this come from?

Jon Rune Trengereid's picture

Good question, its kinda retarded to post a article like this not mentioning who the photographer is...

Jon Lemon's picture

I found this on Pinterest, of all places. Wasn't able to trace it back to one source.

Jon Rune Trengereid's picture

You're kidding right? You linked the post to which has a photo credit on every single image...

Spy Black's picture

 I guess if you saw the movies, you might understand the portraits better. Without that background some of these shots look pretty stupid.

Daniel's picture

Empire Magazine 20th Birthday Portfolio

is it really too difficult to find the credits?... whoa!!... this is how Pinterest posts blind us from finding the real people!!.... just a little bit of Google Search would've done it!!.... this is Empire Magazine's 20th birthday shoot... photographers are various... the following link gives credit to all photogs....

Yeah, Pinterest works great, except for when the pins are made from Tumblr, the mother of all un attributed work. Watermarks FTW.

Not the best composition...

Erin Guest's picture

Wow, the Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins image is an extremely badly done composite.

Douglas Sonders's picture

love the Sam Neil image

If these weren't famous actors, nobody would even look at these...low on inspiration and frankly, bunch of boring studio snapshots...

flatting boring

Mark Dub's picture

Sad to not see the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost pic here.

is it me or are these all cropped badly, probably by whoever put them on pintrest perhaps.  The Mel Gibson one could have been good, shame about the timid expression. The lighting is a bit off in the Matt Damon shot, if it's supposed to be more moody it just looks like they turned the lights down a stop or two ?? and why leave the creased background under his feet ? lazy or is there a hidden meaning ??
Lot's of A list names that were probably very difficult to get, thrown in to a studio for about five minutes or less after probably hours of prep. Wasted opportunity ? maybe.

That's my 1 pence worth, it's not worth my tuppence.

Could have been good. Christian Bale looked good but a bit like the US Olympic Team pics, most of them look pretty amateur.  Considering the access to these people you would put some effort into creativity and composition at least.

Wow on the comments! Really guys? The moment I saw this photos I loved them, because they appeal to my movie-fan side, and that's the beauty of it, the subtleties and simplicity as opposed to the flamboyant and over-complicated shots that probably all this actors did for the premiere and publicity of their respective movies.

Honestly, from the comments, looks like every photo has to be a titanic effort to amaze every single time, whereas as I see it, the simplicity and (like someone wrote) "amateurism" of this shots, works great.

And don't compare them to the olympics photos, those were plain awful.

Dan Howard's picture

I really hate deep, dark vignettes.

Nice idea. post production needs some development.

Andre Goulet's picture

The target audience, movie fans, won't see them the same way anyone here sees them. Sometimes it is important for photographers to remember that.