Behind The Scenes At Monte Isom's Newsies Musical Shoot

Monte Isom is one of my all time favorite photographers. He's been featured on Fstoppers a bunch and is a regular at our New York City meetups. Not only is Monte hilarious but he's also a pretty dang talented commercial photographer. In this short BTS video, Monte shows how he shot the promotional material for the Broadway Musical Newsies in NYC. If you are a fan of Spiderman, you've probably seen his work lately too!

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Only if the U.S. Olympic photographer would bother to watch some of these....

Ralph Hightower's picture

Newspapers are so analog! Still, the photos would probably have been better in B&W to capture the era.

My decision to watch the Three Stooges movie is torn because it was shot in color.. There are some things that should be shot in B&W: The Three Stooges; The Little Rascals.

 You know the world was in colour back then right? that "era" was just as full of colour as today...   It's just the technology they had to capture that colour wasn't quite as advanced...


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I love looking at his work, as well as the videos which showcase his enthusiasm for making images. It's infectious.

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Great broadway show, got to check out the stage after a show and was pretty amazed with the tracking system and lack of a "back stage".