The Brooklyn Drawing Board Project By Zach Hetrick

A few days ago I received an email from Zach stating that he had been following my work for some time and that he had attended Brooks institute of Photography in Ventura CA with my brother quite some time ago. He had this really cool idea for a photography project with visitors that came through his apartment. Those visitors included friends, family, random roommates friends. Literally anyone that came through his apartment he got to sit down and get a shot of them in front of a giant chalk board. It was a great idea and executed very well.

Here is part of the email he had sent me:
"Wanted to introduce myself and pitch a video. I'm Zach Hetrick, formally from Bloomington Indiana but now I reside in Brooklyn NY. I briefly went to Brooks with your brother Josh, but I think that craziness was short lived by us both. Usually I shoot Athlete "Sportraits" and higher education portraits, but since my move I had to adapt to the models I had at my disposal in my personal work, so I turned my lens on all the visitors to my apartment."

















Feel free to check out more of his work on his website!
What do you guys think of this project??

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I love quirky personal projects like this.

these are good, i like the background choice and the lightning setup.  not a strobist, so never had heard of using the black on the sides for -light, interesting! i need to figure out a cheap "do i like studio lighting photography" setup, lol!

pretty neat idea to get the creative juices going, plus a good networking tool

Zach, Love this Personal project. You're the best. Hope you have great holidays and hope to see you soon, Love Mom Mom and Pop Kane

Great idea... really liked the results

funny, i did similiar project a few years ago...

Cool images there Joe

Very nice images.  Well done.  I'd love to hear how you feel this project has improved your work overall.

both interesting and lovely..  

very honest work... love it

Love it!! simple, unpretentious and hilarious.