[BTS Video] Flour Explosion With A Bit Of Post Production

By using flour and hot cocoa powder, Photographer Don Horne was able to capture some really stunning images. How did he do it? The idea behind his shoot was to shoot a model while having flour and cocoa powder tossed in her face - thus the explosion effect. Set in a studio, Don had an Alienbee B800 in a medium softbox sitting camera left, a Nikon SB800 shooting into an umbrella acting as a rim light and finally, a large white reflector camera right to fill in the shadows.  After the shoot he took everything into Photoshop and did a little post production cleanup to expose all the amazing little flour separations within each shot. Thank's Don for sending this one into us!

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She keeps blinking at me!

This inspires me but I cant just copy it either.

This shit has been done thousands of times.. What the model looks like, hair, makeup, colors, tones, and the expressions emoted will be unique to you.. doesn't mean your copying. 

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Unexpectedly great... from flashing idea to simple execution to masterful post-production.

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Anyone got any info on the music?

Black Keys- Lonely Boy.

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Its not up for a public vote - But a couple "Likes" on my one image wont hurt :-)

One of my "Powder" photos have been shortlisted in this years Sony World Photography awards


Real nice photographs !! Allthough i sort of saw this concept a lil bit different form a german photographer.
Non the less I realy like the outcome of these !!! These final results a real crisp and stunning !!

German Photographer:

(from upon 8 min hes starting with the powder)

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Nice, really nice! 

Joop van Roy: one suggestion for you: Shazam. Then you won't need to ask such questions anymore :)

Love the first two photographers eyes open and closed.  Either way this shoot was a complete success..  Well done guys and girls.

anyone reminded of the fake dell advert?

Nice work

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 very nice.

Iain Crawford is probably saying "Hi, I like how you copied my style." 

Not to say that it in a negative way, they are great images. But the format has been executed in near identical ways for a number of years. As a technical exercise it is very impressive and it isn't easy by no means. 

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What camera settings were used to capture this? Just curious :)

Hey Nic

Im not 100% sure what I was on at the time - But I normally shoot on round about the same settings - ISO 200 / f8 - f10 / shutter - 250th