The Business of Beauty Photography With Sue Bryce

One of the most popular fields of photography is glamour or beauty photography. Everyone wants great photos of themselves looking attractive and most photographers enjoy capturing people at their best. Sue Bryce's before and after photos show just how big a difference a pro photographer can make in bringing out the best out of someone. This whole week she is hosting two free workshops over at creativeLIVE. Today and Tuesday Sue is teaching Working With Hair & Makeup and on August 29 - 31 she will be teaching Inside The Glamour Studio.

Course One: Working With Hair & Makeup (August 27-28)

Most photographers under estimate the importance of good quality hair and makeup. Having professional hair and makeup on your set not only decreases the amount of time spend on retouching but it also can build up the confidence of your model. During this two day workshop, Sue's very own hair and makeup artist Simona Janek will teach you everything you need to know about hair and makeup. Sue and Simona will talk about how you can incorporate hair and makeup into your sessions, show you different styles and techniques, as well as teach you how to communicate the looks you want to your own hair and makeup stylist. The course is Free to watch as it airs but if you miss it you can download it for only $79.

Course Two: Inside The Glamour Studio (August 29-31)

On August 29-31, Sue will switch gears and take us into the studio. Throughout the week she will take you on set with several live photoshoots as she teaches everything she knows about running a successful beauty and glamour business. Some of the topics include Posing Techniques, glamour lighting, classic beauty shots, connecting with your clients, and post processing techniques. Sue will also discuss some business tips so you can add beauty and glamour services to your own business. This course is also free to watch live and costs $99 to download if you purchase before the workshop ends.

Sue's amazing before and after photos from her shoots:


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looks like i can do the same )

Patrick Hall's picture

Do the same in what way?  I'm really digging the makeup workshop.  One thing Peter Hurley taught me back when we did his DVD was how important it is for photographers to understand what they want out of a makeup artist.  I think a lot of photogs over look this step.  

=) i mistakenly wrote to the wrong post )

sadsds's picture

why do these women have no skin texture?  it shall look fake?

Jon Rune Trengereid's picture

Seriously? How much skin detail would you expect from a 2x3" photo??

sadsds's picture

you miss my point.... or maybe because of my englisch i did not make it clear enough... the images look overretouched.. the faces look flat.
no matter what print size.

John_Skinner's picture

This is where our bread & butter is today. Taking all the GWC - WWC and teaching them.

Sad but true.. Look at Kelby. More money than he knows to to do with, and started out as a failed publisher. Hell, the way he's marketed himself (and surrounded himself) taken talented people in.... He's Photoshop World'ing 2 times a year. ALL the dosh is in leading the blind.

Patrick Hall's picture

I don't see a problem with photographers teaching other photographers their success tips.  That's kind of what FS was based on to begin with.  I see a market for both the full time working pros and those that teach photographers who want to get started.  I have to say, at one point I was blind too :)

Gokhan Cukurova's picture

John, please tell me what GWC - WWC mean, I really don't know what you mean

Nicholas's picture

I saw the first appearance of Sue Bryce on Creativelive and, as a result, purchased the class that same weekend. Her back story alone was so moving and encouraging to anyone of any profession. Her insight to posing women was awesome. She knows her stuff and shared it all. It's a real treasure to behold such professionals like her and indeed, the people of Fstoppers, in our time, willing to give back so much. I hope and pray that I can give back someday.

a. tnb's picture

This is the best post I have seen here in a while.  I feel like this is what FS is all about and why I used to check it everyday.  Inspirational and supportive.  I feel like instead of criticizing the work, people should take from it what they can and try to improve on that.  Thank you Patrick.

NIgel King's picture

GWC-Guys with cameras - WWC Woman with cameras

Jacques's picture

The Before and After photos are worlds apart, but that is not really a fair comparison because the Before photos are without ANY make-up and ANY styling on.  A better comparison, to show the photography workshop, would have been if the Before photos were of the women with their own make-up and styling on, the way they would prepare themselves for a night out on the town.