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Dina Goldstein's Photo Series "Fallen Princesses" Shows Disney Icons Facing Modern Problems

You may remember Dina Goldstein's 2011 Barbie themed series, "In the Dollhouse," which took a look into the marriage of Barbie and Ken. Digging further back, I stumbled upon her 2009 series, "Fallen Princesses," and fell in love.

In Fallen Princesses, Dina takes iconic characters like Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood and places them into modern situations. What results is a series that hits on everyday topics and problems ranging from poverty and pollution to obesity and cancer.




While all Dina's photos are well executed, it was her look at cancer featuring Rapunzel that struck me most. The image is beautifully simple, and at the same time is a stark reminder of the devastating effects of cancer.


The rest of the series and In the Dollhouse, can be viewed on Dina's site, and at

All images republished with permission.

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John Flury's picture

very cool concept and for the most part great execution. Some of the composites have inconsistent lighting and some of the retouching is missing the mark. But in light of the cool ideas and overall outcome, these technicalities don't matter that much.

Jared Monkman's picture

agreed. I think they're all great in concept, and for the most part pulled off really well, but the treatment in that second one, of snow white holding the babies, is so strange. Looks like he was real heavy on the fill light slider or something

Jessica Who?'s picture

love this! thanks for sharing!

whitefawn's picture

my antivirus warned about JS:HideMe-A [Trj] on inthedollhouse website.

Hank's picture

*Devastating effects of chemo

Mansgame's picture

The Chemo one really made me sad.

patrick pollmeier's picture

great! would like to see more of that.