Elf Faces Made From Raw Peanuts

Elf Faces Made From Raw Peanuts

Portland based artist and photographer Wendy Given created these highly unusual and whimsical photographs of elves found in peanuts. The inspiration behind these photos came from a game she played when she was a small child. Wendy would search to find elf-like faces after cracking open the raw peanuts. Each peanut you see in the images was chosen because of it's preexisting, natural elf-like features. After Given made the these features more noticeable to the naked eye, she photographed them with a macro lens to blow them up to thirty times their normal size.

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Kaushlesh Biyani's picture

Y'all should check out this Austin artist who has been carving on peanuts since 2004. Not the nicest website, but he has some incredibly intricate carvings! http://www.peanutcarvings.com/

Anton Stål's picture

its so wonderful sick =) will never it a peanut again!