Frederico Martins Puts a Beach in the Living Room

As a fan of the beach, Frederico Martins loves mixing his photography with the sand and surf. To throw a unique twist on his latest shoot for an 8 page spread in Elle, Frederico, decides to set up a beach shoot inside a house. With the use of a ton and a half of sand, a boat, two dogs, and a lot of natural light from the windows, Frederico grabs some really fantastic images.












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I love these!!!

- Joe Gunawan |

stunning! *_* 
but i wouldn't dare calling it natural light.. these pictures are clearly lit, in a naturalistic way, indeed..

nice :) would love to see the BTS

- Lyan Bernales

The BTS video is on YouTube, just search it.

. . . I really wonder how they cleaned all of this up afterwards. 

Plastic tarp under it, and industrial vaccum cleaner.

We have a beach party every 2 years at my school...

After 50 sec, there's not much BTS stuff... but you get the idea...

Matt McIver's picture

Awesome shots & a whole new meaning to Beach House!

Dennis Wernersson's picture

Shoots! My mother almost took off my ears because I used to get into home without clean my shoes ... she will KILL him!

COOL, looks be influenced by Tim Walker a bit.  Like.

I like how he simulates sunlight like its taken on the beach, cool idea.

Kon Iatrou's picture

Brilliant work :)