Glamour Shots, Insect Style

Glamour Shots, Insect Style

Slovak macrographer (not a real term) Dusan Beno has built quite a stunning body of work consisting almost entirely of bugs. These insect headshots are intense and beautiful at the same time. Dusan's mix of lighting and color really make these images pop and they leave me wanting to see more. Check out his 500px for larger versions of these photos. Enjoy!

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Awesome!! Bee is the best. BTW I just thought to myself how ugly we have to look to them ;)

Awesome is right -..

Just Awesome -----

i would really like to see these in a "Bugs Life" movie.....

how can i see which equipment he used? I would love to learn how to take such photos

he's almost certainly using this lens

and then stacking lots of images, all at different focus distances, to achieve a "larger" that wouldn't be possible even at f/16 (the lenses minimum aperture)