Gravity Defying Ads Shot In A Simple DIY-able Set

Peter Lundstrom shot the look-book for Courtrai Apperal in a featureless room that they built out of 5 basic walls and painted them all white for one look, and all black for the other. The final shots look great and leave the viewer looking at the image for a few extra seconds, which hopefully leaves them remembering the clothing a bit better than another brand with a model standing straight up. Below are some of the shots before they were cropped tight for the look-book as well as a video showing how they built the set and shot the book. Enjoy!


via petapixel

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Fstoppers Editorial Team's picture

I've really grown to appreciate these theme'd shoots.  I think it's simply too easy to take a "pretty" picture and seeing someone trying create an image in a completely different direction (yet still pretty), is really refreshing   Good luck Peter

Wow... super simple concept...  and super rad!

Awesome video.. not a huge fan of the first series (white), but the last two shots are just great.


carlos santamaria's picture

excellent production and music too!

what is the name of the music?