Guess The Lighting Blog Takes The Guesswork Out Of Lighting

Guess The Lighting Blog Takes The Guesswork Out Of Lighting

Photographer Ted Sabarese who is "armed with only a wacom tablet, less-than-mediocre drawing skills and an acute sense of smell" walks us through some of the photo industry's best images. Ted gives us his hypothetical lighting used on the photos in question and teaches us a thing or two in the process. Enjoy!

via PetaPixel

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Angus Mok's picture

as far as i know, ted's been doing a magazine column since the start of the year in place of the website. there's been nothing new on there for quite some time.

Jan Dallas's picture

Tow or three of those were under-lit by your sketcher. Keith would have had at least 4 other lights.

Mr Blah's picture

NO. Go watch the behind the scene. She (A. L.) lit him up with ambient and 1 flash.

Simon Lynch is right. The BTS vid clearly shows one softlighter with an extra diffuser and nothing else

Kasper Thorup's picture

He's usually pretty spot on.. But the Absolut Vodka-commercial needs another light on top of her.. She's got a very well-defined shadow directly underneath her chin, so there has to be some kind of hard, overhead light on her!

Ted Sabarese's picture

hey guys. thank for the props and taking the time to discuss guess the lighting. by the way, i'm definitely back and updating regularly.