High Fashion, High Energy Styled Photo shoot

Hello fellow Fstoppers. My name is Chris Lambeth and this is my first post on here using my own work. Also, the first shoot I feel that is up to the level to be shared with more then just my Facebook fans and friends. My good friend and fellow photographer Seth Barlow, who has shot for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Gulf & Main, ect, decided to move back to my town of Spokane WA from Miami and purchase a studio. We got the place all cleaned up, or at least enough to shoot in, and decided to do a test run.

Spokane is not one for being a high fashion, trendy city. Mostly full of punks and gangsters, I tried to do something that Spokane hasn't seen before or for a long while. I wanted to go for a high fashion, magazine style shoot with weird clothes and a male model. I found Alex Kale Hansen who is a 18 year old fashion designer here and has done multiple fashion shows with his designs. He mostly designs woman's clothing, so none of the items in this shoot were designed by him. He obviously does modeling as well and had the perfect look I wanted. (If you'd like to check out his work, head to his website.)

I had my good friend and photographer, Joseph Tyler helping out as well being my assistant and creative director. Joseph and myself have worked together on almost every shoot and each time the shots come out exactly how we want due to knowing what each other wants. If I can offer advice to any photographer it would be to get a good assistant who knows exactly what you mean when you tell them you need something done. Saves time and frustration.

Now, enough with the intros. Heres the good stuff. This shoot was all done with a Canon 5D mark ii, Canon 50L 1.2, 2x PCB WL1600's, PCB AB1600 and a 22in white Beauty dish. I did forget my beauty dish sock so we had to improvise and use the shoot through part of a reflector which actually worked extremely well. That is one of the main things I love about photography; the different ways you have to solve problems on the fly.

With that being said, here are a few of the final images we got from the shoot. Hope you enjoy them!


If you liked the work, feel free to head over to my Facebook for more!

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The images are great Chris. Well done

AKHDesigns web link is missing a colon.

Also - who's the music by ?

Fancy trying something similar, fancy a beautydish also

PS Your link on the Vimeo page goes to a very different AKHDesign.

Not only nice results, it looked like a fun time... which is my kind of shoot. Thanks for sharing.

Great work Chris! What kind of boom are you using in this shoot?

Would love to know what boom was used as well. Thanks.

The setup looked horrible but the final shots looked legit. You did a good job. 

great work!

Thanks guys! I will find out what that boom was. We ended up using a different one other then mine.

Michael, Yes it did. haha but thats ok as long as the final product is what you want! It was also just a test run for the studio. We will be getting infinity walls built in the next month or so. 

Who was the music by? Oh and well done on the images

Now this is DOPE. Great stuff Chris!

Setup doesn't matter if the results are great images. - Terrence

Great work, Chris.  Congrats. 

The music is a re-mix of parov stelar

Thanks again guys! And the track is "Gramophone" by Charged and volatile psycle. 

watching accurately there are some mistake in the "cleaning of the backdrop" (forgive me for my bad english) anyway it's an interesting result, with some limits... a good "how to start"

funky and fresh the photos look amazing!!!!!!!!

very intersting ang awosam work keep it up

Very nice indeed Chris!

Face burned. Not ironed coat. The rest is great. 

great work, tnx for sharing!!! :)